Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Submitting Bills for Payment at QCC:

  1. Where can I find the Payment Requisition Form?

    You can download this form from the Printable Forms Section of this website.

  2. Where do I submit an invoice I have received for payment?

    All invoices should be submitted/mailed to the Accounting office front desk in room A-406.

  3. How do I prepare the invoice for accounting?

    Please note on the invoice being submitted, that the purchase order number is on the invoice and sign it ackowledging that the items were received or the service was performed.

  4. How long does the payment process take?

    It usually takes two weeks for a vendor to get paid through NYC after you ahve submitted your invoice to the accounting office.

  5. What should be noted about any requesition I am submitting for payment?

    It should be noted on the bill or payment requisition whether the bill is being paid by the College Tax Levy budget, Grants, Foundation or Related Entities (i.e., QSA, Auxiliary or Fund Inc).

  6. How many ways can I submit a payment?

    The most common way to pay a bill is via the Purchasing Department's E-Procurement process. For all miscellaneous expenses, with the Payment Requisition Form noted above. (This includes dues/membership, subscriptions and all non-travel expenses under $250.00.)