Women’s Group

Womens Group

Wednesdays at 1:10 p.m.
Meeting Location: To Be Announced

The Women’s Group is a wonderful opportunity for women to express their feelings, discuss topics of interest, focus on issues that are affecting them, or simply learn about something they did not know about. The group is a safe and confidential environment for students to meet, talk, learn and make friends.

Some of the topics students have discussed in past groups have been: family, relationships, abuse, society pressures on women, depression, drinking, drugs, sexual responsibility, eating disorders, self image, and academics.

Interested in joining the Women’s Group or want more information?
Gina Capozzoli
(718) 631-6217

Here's what some group members had to say about the Women’s Group:
“I met all these girls, different and unique, all with their own life experiences. The group was great. I got so much from it, more than words can explain.”---M.W.

“I suggest coming to the Women’s Group. It’s a great outlet if you’re going through issues, which most of us are. The best thing is that you won’t get judged because it’s all girls. It’s a great way to get different opinions if you have a problem and you make friends along the way. It’s a great experience overall.”—D.R.

“I think the Women’s Group was awesome. I talked about things that I never would have talked about and made some very good friends.”—Nicole M.

“My experience at the Women’s Group was a very interesting experience. I enjoy meeting new faces and talking about things girls talk about. I’ve learned that you can make a lot of new friends just by talking about one topic.”—Nay


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