Academic Standards

We at the Counseling Center understand how difficult it can be to do well in school. Many students struggle with their adjustment to college, balancing school with other responsibilities, or concentrating on their academics due to personal issues. Those students may begin to do poorly in their courses, and find it hard to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress at QCC. Satisfactory academic progress is measured as follows:

Credits Attempted Minimum Cumulative GPA
1-12.5 1.50
13-24.5 1.75
25 and upward 2.00

Students who fall below these minimum standards will be placed on academic probation.  To avoid this situation, or to learn how to get off of academic probation, counselors can meet with you to review your academic record, discuss grading policies, provide referrals for tutoring services on campus, and assist you with other issues that may be interfering with your success at QCC.


Below are links to important information that will help you become a more successful QCC student!

  1. Time Management 
    * Helpful hints
  2. Stress
    * Helpful hints
    * (Printable Version of Helpful Hints)
  3. Study Skills & Test Taking
    * Helpful hints
  4. Note Taking
    * Helpful hints
  5. Test Anxiety
    * Helpful hints
  6. Career Information

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