Accounting and Computer Assisted Business Certificate

Ken Williams, BBA, MS, CUNY College Accountant-QCC; Ron Williams, MAEd

This Program is designed for the new business owners, bookkeepers, and those individuals prospectively working to support the business function in any field/industry, and students contemplating business careers and further study of accounting at the college level. Curriculum focuses on basic accounting theory, combined with practical manual and computerized accounting technologies.

Prerequisite: HS diploma or equivalent recommended.

Complete the Certificate in One Year!  (Two semesters: Fall & Spring)


Required Certificate Courses:

BUX-197 Accounting

BUX-194 Bookkeeping

CPX-300 Quickbooks for Windows

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Designed for those who seek to apply the tools of bookkeeping (BUX-194 or relevant life experience) to an in-depth study of accounting principles and accounting cycle. This is an introductory course to fundamental financial accounting principles concentrating on analyzing, recording and communicating the economic events of business organizations.

 Required Textbook: Required Textbook: Accounting Principles (Volume 1 only)—12th Edition by Weygandt, Keiso & Kimmel is available at the QCC Bookstore.

Registrants will:

differentiate service-based businesses and merchandising firms

develop competency in preparing and understanding financial statements

gain insight into how owners, managers and stakeholders use/interpret financial results

explore the impact of business and regulatory environment and the crucial role accountants serve in the overall economic system

encounter internal control systems implemented to monitor and safeguard assets

BUX-197        12 sessions (30 hours) / $425

Sat., March 2—16 @ 9:30am-12:30pm, and; March 23—May 11 (skip 4/20, 27) @ 9am-12:30pm


Designed for those with little or no previous experience in Bookkeeping but aspire to career entry and growth. This course covers basic bookkeeping information and practices. Emphasis will be placed on manual bookkeeping. Registrants will be encouraged to discuss job situations  and also share personal experiences in this field. Classrooms with Computer Lab component.

Registrants will learn bookkeeping terms and their applications, including:

revenues and expenses                                 special journals                 

journal entries                                               merchandising accounts    

general ledger                                               depreciation                    

the accounting cycle                                     checking account              

financial statements                                      interest                           

payroll records                                              partnerships

corporations                                                  bank reconciliations

preparing reports with computer

 Required Textbook: Bookkeeping Made Simple by David A. Flannery, The Philip Lief Group is available at the QCC Bookstore.

BUX-194      12 sessions (36 hours) / $435

Mon. & Wed., 6:15—9:15pm, Feb. 25-April 10 (skip 3/11, 13) includes 1 session Computer Lab: Wednesday, April 3

QuickBooks Pro for Windows

QuickBooks® is a popular and user-friendly business/management technology tool, chosen by myriad companies, given its fundamental platform to integrate accounting and business principles, and perform the vast array of trans- actions pertinent to all organizations. Registrants will develop competencies in setting up and customizing the QuickBooks® software for easy access to essential measures of the firm's financial performance. In this class, you will create a QuickBooks® company to learn, practice, and apply how QuickBooks® facilitates your firm's transactions and interactions with customers, vendors, and employees.

Textbook: Teacher will provide online resources and detailed handouts.

Recommended: knowledge of Microsoft Windows and a background in bookkeeping or accounting.

Up to 30 CPA-CPE credits available through NYS Department of Education Sponsor License #001711.

CPX-300     7 sessions (21 hours) / $415

Tues., 6:15-9:15pm, March 19-May 7 (skip 4/23)

Accounting/ Bookkeeping Clerks

What Accounting/ Bookkeeping Clerks Do:

Bookkeeping and Accounting Clerks compute, classify, record, and summarize financial data to maintain fiscal records according to established bookkeeping and accounting procedures and systems. Accounting and Bookkeeping Clerks work in offices and may do site visits. Approximately 25% work part-time.

Salary Information:

Median Hourly Wage: $19.00 in New York State
Mean Annual Wage: $39,530 in New York State
The lowest 10% earn $11.38 hourly and $23,670 annually in New York State
*Please note: The median wage is an average wage of all
surveyed salaries. Salary may increase as clerk’s experience and education Increases. Factors such as location, Industry and size of organization may also affect salary. The lowest 10% of salary may reflect those with the least experience.

Career Outlook:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the employment of Accounting/Bookkeeping Clerks is projected to grow 11 percent from 2012 to 2022, about as fast as the average for all occupations. As the number of organizations increases and financial regulations become stricter, there will be greater demand for these workers to maintain books and provide accounting services.

To speak to an Advisor, contact:
Josephine Troia
Advising, career counseling and job search assistance are offered at no charge to students during and upon completion of any course or program at Queensborough Community College, Division of Pre-College, Continuing Education and Workforce Development.

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