Student Presentations 2013 - Chemistry Department

Professional Conferences Where QCC Students Presented


2013 (94 presentations)

The ACS North Eastern Regional Meeting (NERM), New Haven, CT, October 26, 2013.

A. D. Marjorie Morales “Treating The Rat Spinal Cord Injury with X-ray Microbeams at the National Synchrotron Light Source.”

L. K. Chavez “Host restriction of murine gammaherpesvirus 68 replication by human APOBEC3 cytidine deaminases but not murine APOBEC3.”

C. Soto, D. M. Sarno “Formation of poly(o-toluidine) as highly porous micron-scale spheres.”

Y. Chen, A. Emrani, C. R. Westgate “Optimizing AZO characteristics by changing deposition parameters.”

N. Yu, B. Montalbano, T. Xu, G. Vaswani, P. Irigoyen “Making chemistry safer, greener and economical without compromise.”

U. Sezer, X. Wu, D. A. Bruzewicz “Chemical aging of soot nanoparticles changes their morphology and interaction with light.”

S. Enriquez, P. Irigoyen, S. Svoronos, P. Svoronos “Determination of gallic acid in juice and tea beverages using high performance liquid chromatography.”

Y. Chen, S. Enriquez, P. Jagessar, N. Islam, F. Jacques, P. Meleties, P. Svoronos “Waste water analysis at the New York City-Division of Enviromnental Protection (DEP).”

K. San, E. Chen, S. Enriquez, S. Svoronos, P. Irigoyen, P. Svoronos “Use of the Folin Ciocalteau method to measure the total capacity of antioxidants in tea samples and other beverages.”

O. Egbo, P. Irigoyen, P. Svoronos “Determination ofthe ionization constant of carboxylic acids via microscale freezing point depression measurements.”

C. H. Tse, J. Myung, P. Svoronos, F. Jacques, P. Meleties “Detection and limitation of fecal coliforrn in New York City waters by the NYC Department of Enviromnental Protection (NYC-DEP).”

L. Najjarian, G. Subramaniam, S. Karimi “Selenium dioxide assisted ring-contraction of benzazepine to quinoline.”

M. Stephen, H. Shin, E. Shin, G. Patino, J . Villacis, F. Jacques, P. Meleties, P. Svoronos “New York City's waste water and sewage treatment by the Enviromnental Protection Agency: A stepwise description and findings.”

E. Shin, J. Shin “Determination of the refractive index of myristic acid and stearic acid by extension method.”

S. Ham, J. Shin “Determination of the refractive index of fatty acids by zoom-in method.”

E. Shin, R. Kim, J. Shin “Comparison of the refractive index of zinc nitrate measured by two different methods: Zoom-in and extension methods.”

J. Lee, S. Park, J. Shin “Refractive index of lauric acid and p-dichlorobenzene measured by the laser pointer method: Comparison to the values obtained by a refractometer.”

A. MacDonald, J. Pigza “Synthesis of benzoate ester derivatives of allyl alcohol and their potential applications.”


The 9th Annual QCC Honors Conference, QCC, NY, May 3, 2013.

Yueting Chen “Waste Water Analysis at the Division of Environmental Protection (DEP)”

Maria Kakonikos “Carbon Dating (14C)”

Obiora Egbo “Determination of the Ionization Constant of Carboxylic Acids via Microscale Freezing Point Depression Measurements”

Suneun Stella Noh “ Formation of Clouds”

Sandy Enriquez “The Determination of Gallic Acid in Juice and Tea Beverages using High Performance Liquid Chromatography"

Jonathan Myung “An Analysis of the Methods of the Industrial Pre-Treatment Plant (IPP) Sampling Unit and the Methods Employed by the Shoreline Survey Unit Presenter”

John Guevara “What is MRI?”

Kaung Myat San “Use of the Folin Ciocalteau Method to Measure the Total Capacity of Antioxidants in Tea Samples and Other Beverages”

Chung Him Tse “Testing for Coliform Colonies in Water Samples: A DEP Experience”

Jonathan Myung “An Analysis of the Interaction of Salmonella to Selective Media and the Formation of Typical and Non-typical Salmonella Colonies”

German Patino “Le Chatelier`s Principle and Sunglasses”

Charles Piscopo “Emission Spectroscopy”

Elsa Rosario “Formation of Diamond”

Marzia Samadi “Acids and bases”

Suneun Stella Noh “Formation of clouds”

Nisar Afzal, Dibyendu Dana, Anibal R. Davalos, Daniel Andre Novoa, Pratik Rathod “Development of a Novel Class of Cell Permeable Cysteine Cathepsin Inhibitors”

Christopher Chin, Loren Condon, Nelson Tobar  “Synthesizing Hafnium (IV) coated single walled carbon nanotubes.”

Maciej Dzikowski “Recycling Polystyrene - Containing Chemical Reagents for Use in New Synthetic Applications”

Andrew Garcia, Nicole Zmich “Binary mixtures of ionic liquids for super capacitor applications”

Clayton Hogan, Nicole Yu “Studies Directed Towards the Synthesis of the Fragrance Berryflor® Using Only Polystyrene-Containing Chemical Reagents”

Loren Condon “Synthesis and property investigation of single walled carbon nanotubes magnesium nanoparticle composites”

Mengjia Lin, Stephanie Salarbux “Determining the sensitivity of double mutant RAD4 RAD5 Yeast cells to interstrand DNA crosslinks.”

Steven Oliveri, Nicole Zmich “Phosphorus Containing Ionic Liquids”

Vanessa Chandie “Separation of essential oils found in perfumes”

Yiran Chen “Catalyst-Free, Rapid-Initiated Polymerization of Aniline Using Hydrogen Peroxide As Oxidant”

Suk Ju Ham “Refractive Index of Fatty Acids Measured by Zoom-In Method”

Eun Jung Shin “Determination of Refractive Index of Myristic Acid and Stearic Acid: Extension Method”

Andrew Lam “Synthesis and α-Silylation of Carbamate Derivatives of Allyl Alcohol”

Jihyun Lee, Seoyi Park “Determination of the Comparison to the Values Obtained with a Refractometer”

Alice D. MacDonald “Synthesis of Benzoate Ester Derivatives of Allyl Alcohol and Their Potential Applications”

Danielle Miceli “Identification of essential oils found in perfumes using GC/MS, FTIR and NMR”

Lena Najjarian “Selenium Dioxide Assisted Ring Contraction of 3H-1 benzazepine ti Quinoline”

Najia Ahsan    “ Acid Rain”

Yiran Chen “Corrosion of metals”

Carlos Soto “Formation of Poly(o-Toluidine) As Highly Porous Micron-Scale Spheres”   

Nan Chen “How chemical compounds work on our wrinkles”

Giuseppe Cannova   “Serotonin: A Brain’s Friend or Enemy”

Sandy Enriquez “Le Chatelier’s Principle in Hemoglobin Production”

Obiora Egbo “Medical Applications of Radiopharmaceutcials”

Kyle Marcus Enriquez “Aspartame: An everyday poison”

Chinara Feizullayeva, Krishna Melepura  “Silver Metal Nanoclusters In [Tris(3-Trimethoxysilylpropyl) Isocyanurate] (Ttpi) Gels”

Nausheen Fathima “Chemistry behind Fireworks”

Chung Him Tse “Biodegradable Plastics-Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)”

Kenya Joseph “ Apple cider vinegar: Treating acid reflux naturally”

Daysi Proano “Pharmacokinetics”

Nahyun Kim “A New Technology of Manufacturing the Electrodes with Comb-Teeth Structure”

Jonathan Myung “Artificial Leaves”

Melody To “ Caffeine and its molecular structure”

 Luis Solares “Electrical Energy via Proton Exchange Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cells”

Jeffrey Torres “ Liquid Nitrogen”

Krishna Melepura “ Variations in the size and shape of the metal nanoparticles in DMF”

Sang Won Ko “The Chemical Reaction of Ibuprofen with the Human Body”

Miryam Peralta “ Blood oxygen saturation”

Rodrigo Singh “Chemistry of Nuclear Reactors”

Ugur Sezer  “lotus Leaf Superhydrophobicity”


The 61st Undergraduate Research Symposium of the American Chemical Society-NY Section, City College of New York, CUNY, April 27, 2013.

Suk Ju Ham, Esther Shin and Jun Shin “Refractive Index of Fatty Acids Measured by Zoom-In Method”

Eung Jung Shin, Seoyi Park, Ji Hyun Lee and Jun Shin “Determination of Refractive Index of Myristic Acid and Stearic Acid: Extension Method”

Obiora Egbo, Pedro Irigoyen, Gopal Subramaniam and Paris Svoronos “Use of the Van’t Hoff Factor in Microscale Freezing Point Depression Measurements to Determine the Ionization Constant of Carboxylic Acids”

Sandy Enriquez, Soraya Svoronos, Pedro Irigoyen and Paris Svoronos “Quantitative Determination of Gallic Acid in Teas and Other Commercial Beverages Using HPLC”

Seoyi Park, Eun Jung Shin, Ji Hyun Lee and Jun Shin “Refractive Index of  Lauric Acid and p-Dichlorobenzene Measured by the Laser Pointer Method: Comparison  to the Values Obtained  with a Refractometer”

Vanessa Chandie, Pedro Irigoyen, Bruce Montalbano, Joseph Iorio, Tian Xu and Sasan Karimi “Identification of essential Oils Found in perfumes Using GC/MS, FTIR and NMR Spectroscopy”

Kaung Myat San, Soraya Svoronos, Pedro Irigoyen and Paris Svoronos “Determination of the Total Phenol Content in Commercial Beverages and Dry Tea Leaves via the Folin Ciocalteau Visible Spectrophotometric Method”

Ugur Sezer, Xiangying Wu and Derek Bruzewicz “Chemical Aging of Soot Nanoparticles Changes Their morphology and Interaction with Light”

Andrew Lam and Julie Pigza “Synthesis of alpha-Silylation of Carbamate Derivatives of Allyl Alcohol”

Alice MacDonald and Julie Pigza “Synthesis of Benzoate Ester Derivatives of Allyl Alcohol and Their Potential Applications”

Arhyur Shimunov and Luis Vargas “Reactivity of Tris(trimethylsilyl)Phosphite (TMSP): Reaction with Halo-Thioformate”

Lena Najjarian, Sasan Karimi and Gopal Subramaniam “Selenium Dioxide Assisted Ring-Contraction of EH—Benzazepine ro Quinoline”

Maciej Dzikowski and John Regan “A Green Approach to Organic Synthesis: New Application for Used Polystyrene-Containing Chemical Regants”

Nicole Yu and John Regan “A Green synthesis of the Fragrance Berryflor”

Anthony Di Marco, M.Freeking, S. Strabony, P. Novick, T. Cheung, S. Depilwala, P. Irigoyen and D. Lieberman. “Laser/Optical Speckle Analysis to Determine the Size of Unknown Proteins”

Carlos Soto and David Sarno “Formation of Poly(o-Toluidine) as Highly Porous Micron-Scale Spheres”

Yiran Chen and David Sarno “Catalyst-Free, Rapid Inititiated Polymerization of Aniline Using Hydorgen Peroxide as Oxidant”


Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal (CUSJ), Lerner Hall, Columbia University, March 31, 2013.

Obiora Egbo, Pedro Irigoyen, Fathima Nazumudeen and Paris Svoronos “Determination of the Ionization Constant of Carboxylic Acids Using Microscale Freezing Point Depression measurements”

Suk Ju Ham, Eun Jung Shin, Seoyi Park, Ji Hyun Lee, Esther Shin and Jun H. Shin “Determination and Comparison of Refractive Index of Solid Compounds Measured by the Zoom-In Method and the Extension Method”

Chung Him Tse, Jonathan Myung, Paris Svoronos, Jorge Villacis and William Kelly “Detection and Limitation of Fecal Coliform in New York City Waters by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection”

Yueting Chen, Paris Svoronos, Patrick K. Jagessar and Trikam Patel “Analysis of Nitrogen, chlorohyll-a & Total suspended solids in water at the DEP”


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