Tuition Refund Policy


Tuition will be refunded 100 percent for those courses which, at any time, are cancelled by the College.

Once a student is registered for classes, an OFFICIAL drop/withdrawal (from one or all courses) is required in order to obtain a tuition refund. The DATE that the OFFICIAL drop/withdrawal is filed with the Registrar's Office (A-104), or processed on CUNYfirst, determines the percentage of the refund due student. Failure to attend class, merely giving notice to the instructor, or stopping payment on a check is not considered an official drop or withdrawal.

Students who pay their tuition bill in full and subsequently withdraw will have their refund calculated according to the Tuition Refund Schedule for the term in which the drop/withdrawal pertains.

Students who made a partial payment on their bill will have their tuition liability calculated according to the Tuition Refund Schedule. A reduction in tuition charges may not necessarily result in a refund and, in some instances, a tuition balance may still be due. Student activities fees and consolidated services fees are not refundable.

Lastly, withdrawing from one or more classes may impact the amount of Title IV Aid that you are entitled to. Click here for additional information on the impact of withdrawal on Title IV Aid.

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