Tuition Payment Options

Attention Students

Dear Student:

The technical issue preventing students who use the Nelnet Payment Plan from settling their Spring 2017 tuition balance has been RESOLVED.

Those students who wish to settle their Spring 2017 tuition balance using a payment plan should immediately log into the CUNYFirst Self-Service Student Center. Select Finances, then click Enroll/Manage Your Payment Plan.

Any student who has not settled his or her balance by Thursday, January 12 at 5PM will automatically be de-registered from his or her courses and will need to re-register. Please note that required or preferred courses might not be available at the time of re-registration. Therefore, we recommend that you take immediate action to settle you Spring 2017 tuition balance.

The tuition balance for any student who successfully re-registers for Spring 2017 will be due on Monday, January 23rd. Those students who fail to settle this tuition bill by will automatically be de-registered from all of his or her courses on Tuesday, January 24th at the close of business, 7PM.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Bursar’s office,

Important Notice that Affects ALL Registering Students: In accordance with The City University of New York (CUNY) guidelines, PAYMENT OF YOUR UPCOMING SEMESTER’S TUITION MUST BE PAID BY YOUR PAYMENT DUE DATE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All Tuition and Fee Schedules are subject to change without notice at anytime upon action by the board of trustees of the City University of New York, regardless of the tuition and fee schedules in effect at the time of registration.

6 Ways To Pay

This is to advise you that CUNY will be making revisions to the procedures for utilizing a Credit or Debit card for tuition and fee payments.

Effective March 13, 2016, all Credit and Debit Card transactions will be processed via the University’s Payment Plan. The Payment Plan provides students and their families the option of paying their tuition and fees over a period of up to six months. This flexibility enables everyone to reduce the burden of paying all tuition and fees prior to the start of the academic term. This deferred payment plan continues to be an interest free benefit for students and their families.

Effective with the Summer 2016 semester, the Enrollment Fee for the payment plan will be $95 per term. For students and their families who opt for direct withdrawals from their bank accounts, a discount will be provided which will lower the Enrollment Fee to $40 per term.

The eCheck payment option through CUNYfirst Self-Service remains an alternative payment option that is cost effective since it does not require an Enrollment Fee.

We trust that these changes will cause minimum disruption, and allow our students to continue to have a variety of payment options.

Note: Credit Card Payments can ONLY be made through Nelnet Payment Plan as of March 13, 2016.

  1. Electronic Check (view how to pay online)
    CUNYfirst also accepts payment by electronic check. Similar to a debit card, e-check electronically debits your checking or savings account. To pay via e-check you will need to access CUNYfirst by going to Enter your Username and Password. You are required to enter your bank account and bank routing numbers. There is no convenience fee associated with this payment option.

  2. Check or Money Order by Mail or In Person
    If paying at the Bursar Office, expect long lines.

    • Make checks or money orders payable to Queensborough Community College.
    • Include the student's name on the face of the check or money order. Mail your payment to the address below.
    • Pay your bill either at the Bursar Office Room A-118 in the Administration Building, by dropping your payment in the lockbox*, or by mailing your payment to the Bursar Office**.
    • The Bursar office is open from 8:45am to 6:00pm on Monday and Thursday, from 8:45am to 7:00pm on Tuesday and Wednesday and 8:45am to 5:00pm on Friday.
  3. Tuition Payment Plan - Nelnet

    This monthly payment plan offers you the opportunity to spread your tuition payments, interest free, over 6 monthly installments.  To enroll, log into CUNYfirst Self-Service and go to your Student Center. Go to Finances and select Enroll/Manage Your Payment Plan. This plan is available for the Summer, Fall and Spring terms.

  4. Cash
    If paying at the Bursar Office, expect long lines. Cash must be brought to the Bursar Office, Room A-118 in the Administration Building.

  5. Vouchers
    Vouchers (paraprofessional, unions, etc.) must be brought to the Bursar Office, Room A-118 in the Administration Building. Do not place vouchers in the lockbox.

  6. Financial Aid
    The Financial Aid Office is located in the Library Building, Room 409.

Financial Aid Note: Students receiving Financial Aid are advised that the State educational regulations require that an eligible full time student must be enrolled for 12 credits and have a matriculated status. Accordingly, a student must be registered for courses that the college catalog states are contributing toward fulfilling the curriculum requirements for a degree. Electives are acceptable when taken in accordance with published degree requirements. Contact the Office of Financial Aid (718-631 6367) for additional information.

Important Payment Note: If you do not make full payment on your tuition and fees and other college bills and your account is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for all collection costs, including agency fees, attorney fees and court costs, in addition to whatever amounts you owe the college.

In addition, non-payment or a default judgment against your account may be reported to a credit bureau and reflected in your credit report.

* The lockbox is located in the Administration Building Lobby. Place your check or money order inside the lockbox envelope and drop it in the lockbox. Envelopes are avallable at the lockbox location in the lobby.
** Payments by mail are addressed to:
Queensborough Community College
Bursar Office- Room A 118
222-05 56th Avenue
Bayside, New York 11364

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