Effective March 13, 2016, all Credit and Debit Card transactions will be processed via the University’s Payment Plan. The Payment Plan provides students and their families the option of paying their tuition and fees over a period of up to six months. This flexibility enables everyone to reduce the burden of paying all tuition and fees prior to the start of the academic term. This deferred payment plan continues to be an interest free benefit for students and their families.

Cancellation & Re-Instatement Policy

Effective July 1, 2010, all students whose classes are cancelled for non-payment will be required to wait 48 hours before being permitted to re-register for classes. Tuition payment due dates are determined by the date of your initial registration and can be viewed by logging onto your CUNYfirst account. A general schedule of payment due dates can be found at

CUNY Tuition Policy

The tuition and fees reflected on your account are subject to change without notice, at any time, upon action by CUNY Board of Trustees regardless of tuition and fee schedules in effect at the time of registration. In the event of a tuition increase, any payments made to your account will become partial payments, with the remaining balance due immediately.

1098-T Information