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The following reports contain course assessment results across disciplines, grouped by the General Education Outcome the course assessment primarily addressed.

Communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking (1)

Use analytical reasoning to identify issues or problems and evaluate evidence in order to make informed decisions (2)

Reason quantitatively and mathematically as required in their fields of interest and in everyday life (3)

Use information management and technology skills effectively for academic research and lifelong learning (4)

Integrate knowledge and skills in their program of study (5)

Differentiate and make informed decisions about issues based on multiple value systems (6)

Work collaboratively in diverse groups directed at accomplishing learning objectives (7)

Use historical or social sciences perspectives to examine formation of ideas, human behavior, social institutions, or social processes (8)

Employ concepts and methods of the natural and physical sciences to make informed judgments (9)

Apply aesthetic and intellectual criteria in the evaluation or creation of works in the humanities or the arts (10)