Office of Academic Affairs - Honors Program

The Honors Program at Queensborough is an academic program that provides an enriched classroom and overall intellectual experience to students who have demonstrated high academic achievement. Through courses offered only to honors students, specially arranged independent studies, research and participation in professional conferences, honors scholars have an opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas of particular interest, to distinguish themselves among their peers, and to make an acknowledged contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of Queensborough Community College.  In this way, honors students develop the strong academic and leadership skills required in the pursuit of advanced degrees and challenging careers in New York City and beyond.

Students interested in joining the Honors Program are required to meet the following criteria:

Students are eligible to take courses or contracts (independent studies within a course) in the Honors Program if they have completed at least 9 QCC credits and have earned a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.40.  To graduate with honors, students are required to complete successfully a minimum of 12 credits of honors courses and have earned an overall GPA of 3.40.

Students who wish to take an honors-level class or contract but who have less than a 3.40 GPA may do so by permission from a faculty member and the chairperson or the director of the Honors Program.  Students should demonstrate significant strength in the discipline for which honors enrollment is requested.

Incoming students who demonstrate strong high school background may take an honors-level course only by invitation or special permission from a faculty member and the chairperson or director of the Honors Program.  Incoming students wishing to take honors courses or contracts may present their credentials to the director of the Honors Program.

Honors students in Chemistry have made presentations at the American Chemical Society (ACS)- New York section Undergraduate Research Symposium. Additional poster presentations by our students have been made at the National ACS Meetings, the Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting as well as other national and international conferences.

Honors students in the Business Academy have competed in the Federal Reserve Bank’s Collegiate Fed Challenge and in the collegiate Mock Trial competition.