CUNY Portal Password Change

The steps below will guide you through the process of retrieving your password for the CUNY Portal / Blackboard. There are two options to choose from: Account and Password Reset>> or Email a New Password Reset>>

The steps below cover requesting a password from the Email a New Password>> option.

  1. Go to CUNY Portal Login Page

  2. Click on the Email a New Password >>

    Email a New Password Link Image

  3. Enter the captcha and your VALID CUNY portal username and click "E-mail Password".

    Account Name Form Image

  4. If you entered a VALID CUNY portal username, you will receive a message stating an email has been sent to your email address. This could be your QCC TigerMail address or any address you entered into the system when you registered your Portal account.

    Account Name Form Image

    Check your email for a password. You can then return to the CUNY Portal Log-in page (step 1) and enter your username with the new password.

If you still have a problem getting your password, do the following:

Please contact Blackboard Support at Queensborough by filling out the form in it's entirety for any technical issues related to Blackboard.

Contact Support

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