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Internet security and your PC

originally developed by Dorothy L. Nixon, CUNY, Queens College

General Information:

Internet Safety Complete Guide (Part I) : online safety topics, problems of online harassment, kids and the Internet and how parents can keep their children safe online, online threats, cybersecurity and useful tips. 

Internet Safety Complete Guide (Part II):  general cybersecurity facts,  online tips for students, seniors and travelers.

Internet dangers to your machine:

Identity Theft--with assistance from Rebecca Hopkins

Identity Protection (a good primer on the subject)

Social Engineering and Identity Theft (highlights the role social engineering can play in identity theft)

Identity Theft Resources (collection of tools and contacts for individuals to protect themselves)

Helpful info about

Personal Computers (PC's):

  • PC911 - questions and answers about Windows PC's
  • PC Help at NorthWest Internet
  • CNET - great source of easy-to-read technical information of all kinds.
  • The Navas Group - cable, DSL, and modem optimization and security (irrelevant if you just have a dial-up connection to your Internet provider).

How to secure your machine against intruders:

Anti-virus software:


About Trojan horses:

Firewall software for PC's:

Interpretation of firewall data:

Cookie Management:


Proxies (web content filtering):

Internet tools:

Network security research:

Internet programming info:


  • Free E-mail client: Eudora. It is a good idea to use SOME E-mail program other than Microsoft Outlook, given the latter's virus-prone scripting capability.
  • Free FTP client without ads: Leech FTP by Jan Debis
  • Practically Networked by Tim Higgins -- about LAN's (local area networks, such as the networks connecting the machines within our on-campus labs).

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