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Metaphysical Problems in the Homological Sciences

ONLINE TEXTBOOKS:   Complete Textbooks available at no cost

Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy of Religion Ethics Medical Ethics Computers, Information Technology, the Internet,  Ethics, Society and Human Values Perspectives  on Death and Dying






These textbooks have been reviewed and are listed at a number of sites including:

BOOKS: with co-authors

The Profession of Education: Responsibilities, Ethics and Pedagogic Experimentation 

Tales of the Divine Comedy


ARTICLES: with co-authors

FICTION: with co-author

Tales of the Divine Comedy


Baseball Ontology


the Rules







(1) CUNY  University Faculty Senate

Acts of Religious Discrimination by CUNY Posted September 10, 2018

HATE SPEECH: A Defense   Posted April 10,2018

A Paid Service Hour for Contingent Faculty: Helpful? Or Normalizing the Undesirable Status Quo? posted February 14. 2018

State Inspector General Probing CUNY use of Problematic Journals and Conferences, posted January 2, 2018

Predatory Journals and Conferences: Beware and Be Safe posted November 22,2017

Collegiality as a Dangerous Criterion for Assessment of Faculty posted October 31, 2017

Reconfiguring Community College Semesters: Pros and Cons with Kay Conway, posted March 2, 2017

Graduation Rates Rising, Preparedness Falling: No Cause for CUNY to Celebrate   posted February 14, 2017

The Shadow Workload  posted January 2, 2017

Virtual Desktop Available CUNY wide posted September 17,2016           

Textbooks, Conflicts of Interest, and the Law   posted August 23,2016

Faculty Assigning Their Own Textbooks: New CUNY Policy Resolves Conflicts   Posted with Jay Weiser  August 14,2016

University URLs: Who Needs Algebra? posted April 8, 2016

Who Needs Algebra? posted Feb 29, 2016                           

Taking Laps or Treading Water? The Best TAP for Students, continued. February 19, 2016

Associate to Full: Professors Need Time, Not Workshops February 1, 2016

Free Tuition--At What Price? January 25,2016  with Kay Conway

How Private is Your Email?    August 31, 2015         

SUNY Nassau Community College Foundation Ruled Not Exempt from FOIL April 14, 2015

Reducing NYS Dept. of Ed Degree Oversight: Down the Slippery Slope  March 26, 2015

What’s College for? CUNY Funding, Faculty Salaries and The Day the Purpose of College Changed Posted Feb. 5, 2015

Flawed Case History: Alexandra’s Logue’s “CUNY’s Pathway to Shared Governance.” Posted January 31,2015

How “Civil” is Academic Freedom? Posted Oct 20, 2014

The 21st Century University: What’s the best investment? posted Jul 1, 2014

Community College, Inc.?posted Apr 9, 2014

MSCHE's Draft Revision of its "Standards of Excellence:” Where are the Faculty? posted Mar 21, 2014”wherearethefaculty

 Refining “Garcetti:” New Hope for Academic Freedom? posted Mar 11, 2014“garcetti”newhopeforacademicfreedom

REVERSING THE “PATHWAYS” “PATH?”posted Feb 15, 2014“pathways”“path

Religious Holidays and the Academic Calendar: Further Comments posted Jan 7, 2014

Spaced-Out Assessment posted Dec 15, 2013

HOLY WAR coming over HOLY DAYS ?   posted Oct 21, 2013

Assessing Assessment: The Prospect at CUNY  posted Feb 27,2013

Corporatized University of New York? posted Feb 27,2013

New Studies show Online Learning Has Flaws posted Feb 27,2013 


(2) CUNY  University Faculty Senate Blog:  Ed Tech News For Faculty

2019:4-12-19 CAT Meeting of April 12, 2019

2019:3-15-19 CAT Meeting of March 15, 2019

2019-2-22-19 CAT Meeting of February 22, 2019

2019:1-25-19 CAT Meeting of January 25, 2019

2018:11-16-18 CAT meeting of November 16, 2018

2018:10-19-18 CAT meeting of October 19, 2018

2018:9-28-18 CAT Meeting of September 21 , 2018

2018:8-31-18 CAT meeting of August 24, 2018

2018: 8-21-18 New Cloud Services Offered at CUNY

2016:8  5-17-16 Technology Today

2016:7   4-26-16 CUNY CAT Meeting

2016:6 4-3-16  CUNY Virtual Desktop

2016:5 3-18-16                             

2016:4   2-28-16 A Calendar of Events of Interest in CUNY and nearby

2016:3  2-21-16 The CUNY Academic Commons

2016:2  2-15-16 Calendar of Events

2016:1 2-6-16 What's available for Faculty?



Uses and Impact on Teaching of Educational Technologies in the Classroom

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