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HOLIDAYS: There are no observances of Holidays or HOLY DAYS in the construction of my online courses. Any person may take off on any day for any reason. The class goes on. Observe the due dates. Plan accordingly if you are taking certain days off for whatever reasons. REMEMBER : You must INTERACT in the discussions and so you must post on at least THREE different days each week.


There are no vacation periods in the design of my online classes. There is a week in the middle of the semester to be used for evaluations and corrections and you may use it to catch up on reading or for the revisions of assignments. It is place in the middle for pedagogic reasons. It has no relation to whenever Thanksgiving or Easter or spring break or any HOLY DAY or HOLIDAY may fall.

If you are going away on a vacation at any point during the semester the class will go on and you are expected to continue to participate. Why did you choose to have a vacation in the middle of a semester? The class will go on and you are expected to continue to participate. INTERNET ACCESS is available around the world. You may use libraries, internet cafes or commercial locations such as Kinko's all over the USA.



Before contacting the Help Desk, please be sure your browser is Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. This will clear up many problems, including JScript errors.    

 If you have any Blackboard questions please contact :   at the ACC in Library floor 1.   

If you are having problems accessing the BlackBoard  site for class DISCUSSION BOARDS using the CUNY portal then attempt to access the BlackBoard site using this more direct location:

 If you have QCC EMAIL questions or problems call 718 631 6273 in the IT department in Administration Bldg. 3rd floor. 

Email protocols for Philosophy classes of Professor Pecorino

In the future PLEASE observe the email protocols for my Philosophy classes.

I have over 150  students and I do not recognize email names. Furthermore, the email system does not always accept attachments due to protection from email viruses.

ALWAYS identify yourself in the SUBJECT line

SUBJECT: First name, Second Name, Course # and section, followed by HELP or Question or ASSIGNMENT#


Copy and paste the text of your assignments directly into the message window of the email.


End of term Notice

Students enrolled in Professor Pecorino's classes are expected to turn in all of their required work, quizzes etc., by the deadlines posted on the class calendars: 

All materials are to be sent by email or presented directly to the instructor or left in his mailbox in the Social Science Department Offices in the Medical Arts Building room M-104.

Department Telephone: 718-631-6251


Office Telephone: 718-281-5038 

FINAL GRADES:  Will be posted by class id # on the webpage for grades.  Due to a lawsuit and court order final grades will NOT be posted in the department or offices of faculty.  Do not call the departmental office for your grade.  The secretaries will not give them out.

There will be no automatic granting of INC or ABS grades.  Failure to turn in required assignments and quizzes will result in a grade of "F".  If you need an incomplete grade submit a LETTER stating your reasons and the length of time needed.  Letters requesting "incomplete" or "absences" grades must include all pertinent course information and your name, social security and telephone numbers.  Be sure to sign the letter.


  Thursday, May 12, 2005.

Students who do not turn in the required materials by the assigned deadlines and who do not turn in a WRITTEN explanation will receive either an "F" or a "WU" grade depending on their attendance record.


In the future should you send me an email please  use this format:
In the subject line put: NAME Class # section and either  HELP  or QUESTION or ASSIGNMENT#