Here you will find all the necessary information to successfully delivery your Fully Online, Hybrid and Web Supported Classes. Blackboard is a learning management system that allows students and faculty to share and engage with learning materials and to communicate with each other in a virtual learning environment.

 Getting Oriented with Blackboard Learn

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 Important Information

Blackboard can be accessed through the CUNY Portal or the Blackboard Direct login. The CUNY portal is a gateway to various CUNY services: Blackboard, eSIMS, ePermit, information about applying to CUNY, CUNYMall etc.

•  All Blackboard course-shells are set to “Unavailable” when they are created. Therefore students will not see their courses when they login, unless the professor has made the course available. It is the responsibility of the professors to make their courses available to their students.

•  Teachers are the only ones who can make courses “Available”. Click here to see the isntructions on "how to make your course available".

 All About Blackboard
Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate is a Blackboard tool that allows you to set up real-time online audio and video interactive sessions with your students and colleagues. Collaborate includes many features such as; an interactive Whiteboard; application and desktop sharing and “break-out rooms” for student groups; among other features. Read more


Blackboard CMS is a centralized personal storage area for faculty. Files stored in the Content Collection can be reused in multiple courses with minimal effort. For example, it is a best practice to store Discussion Board questions used from semester to semester; YouTube links; Rubrics; model assignments; reusable materials, announcements; website links, etc. Read More


Please see Blackboard’s supported browsers guide to determine if the browser you are using is compatible. You may click here to find out which browser you are using. If your browser version is outdated, you will need to update to a newer version.


New to Blackboard Learn?

Initial steps to setup your account


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Already Using Blackboard? Top 10 Things to know about Blackboard

1. Access Queensborough Blackboard through the CUNY Portal.After logging in, click on the Blackboard link icon on the right of the page

2. Course shells will appear on Blackboard two days after you have been assigned to the course in CUNYfirst.

3. Check your list of courses on Blackboard. Courses are loaded automatically based on the data in CUNYfirst. If you are not listed as the instructor for a course on   
    CUNYfirst, your course will not appear on Blackboard. Please contact your Department Secretary to have the record in CUNYfirst updated

4. CUNYfirst will automatically add registered studentsto Blackboard courses

5. You must make your course available on Blackboard in order for your students to have access to the content and course shell.

 5.1 Access the course that you want to make available
 5.2 In the Control Panel menu, click Customization > Properties
 5.3 Scroll down to Set Availability
 5.4 Select Yes if you want your students to be able to access the course materials
 5.5 Click Submit.

6. Use the Assignment feature, located under the Assessment menu, to collect assignments through Blackboard

7. To avoid irreversible loss of data be mindful on your file names.

         7.1 Do not use spaces, or special characters such as “#” symbols, or “,”.
         7.2 File names should include numbers and letters. Instead of spaces, use (_) to separate words.

8. Visit the Faculty Support page for Blackboard guides and tutorials

9. Register for Blackboard Workshops.

10. Report any technical problem to Please provide your Full name as well as Course ID/Section.

Blackboard Tutorials

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Guides to get you started
Logging into Blackboard
Finding Your Courses
Adding Content
Making Your Course Available
Creating an Assignment
Getting Oriented with Blackboard
Changing Your Email Address in Blackboard

Working in the Course Environment
Using the Section Merge Tool
Adding Files to Course Files
Course Style Options
Creating a My Grades link
Adding a Banner to Your Course Entry Point
Uploading Your Syllabus

Building Course Content
Making Backups of Your Course Materials
Copy Courses
Copy and Move Content to Another Folder
Using the Content Editor
Video Everywhere Building Block
Building a Learning Module
Creating a Tool Link
Adding a Web Link
Creating a Mashup

Test, Surveys and Pools
Creating a Test
Setting Test Options
Setting Test Options (includes setting the timer for a test)
Getting Started with Building a Test
Exporting and Importing a Test or Survey
Creating a True or False Question
Adding an Existing Question to a Test
Creating a Multiple Answer Question
Creating a Multiple Choice Question
Building a Pool


Setting Permissions
Turning Tool Availability On and Off
Permitting and Restricting Guest and Observer Access

Reporting and Course Utilities
Turning on Statistics Tracking for a Content Item
Running and Saving a Course Report
Exporting a Course Package
Archiving a Course
Importing a Course Package
Exporting Your Blackboard Course

Using the Discussion Board
The New Discussion Board
Creating a Discussion Board Forum
Reading and Posting on the Discussion Board
Interacting with the Discussion Board
Grading a Discussion Board Forum
Creating a Discussion Board Thread
Replying to a Discussion Board Thread
Tagging Discussion Board Posts
Managing Discussion Board Roles
Changing Discussion Board Forum Settings
Moderating Discussion Board Forums

Frequently Asked Questions Faculty

For more information on the techniques presented here, visit for detailed tutorials

Account and Access Issues

Course Issues

Creating and Using Course Content

Grade Center

Other questions

Account and Access Issues

What do I need to access Blackboard?
Blackboard is accessed through the CUNY Portal. If you are a CUNY student, faculty or staff member, a CUNY Portal account has been reserved for you. To access that account, it must be registered by creating a username and password. These credentials may be different from your campuses’ username and password.

To register your CUNY Portal account:
  • In your web browser, navigate to
  • Click the Portal Log-in link
  • For your one - time account set up, click on Register for a New Account >> link
  • You will be given several options. If you are a faculty, click on Faculty
  • On the user validation screen, enter your last name (case not important), your 9-digit Faculty ID number [Social Security number] and your birth date. Click the Next button
  • On the following screen confirm that the information you have entered is correct. Click Confirm if correct data is entered. If you made a mistake, click Cancel and re-enter your information.
How do I access Blackboard
There are two different ways you can use to access Blackboard: log-in through the CUNY's website or QCC's website.
1. Log in through the CUNY Portal
    • In your web browser, navigate to
    • Click the Portal Log-in link
    • Enter your CUNY Portal username and password and click the Log-in button
    • Click on the Blackboard link
    • Blackboard page will open with the Home tab active. Courses you are teaching are displayed in the My Courses Module.
2. Log directly into Blackboard
    • In your web browser, navigate to
    • Click on Login at the top of the home page, then select CUNY Portal from the dropdown menu
    • Enter your CUNY Portal username and password and click the Log-in button
    • Click on the Blackboard link
    • Blackboard page will open with the Home tab active. Courses you are teaching are displayed in the My Courses Module.
How do I reset my CUNY Portal/Blackboard password?

Log into CUNY Portal and follow the procedures depicted below to learn how to change your CUNY password.

  • In your web browser, navigate to
  • Click the Portal Log-in link
  • Click the Account and Password Reset >> link
  • On the user validation screen, enter your last name (case not important), your 9-digit Faculty ID number [Social Security number] and your birth date. Click the Next button.
  • Click Confirm if correct data is entered. If you made a mistake, click Cancel and re-enter your information.
  • The Password Reset page will show you your username and the option to create a new password. Confirm the new password in the second field and click Save.
  • Once you click Save, you will be redirected to the CUNY Portal page. Enter your username and your new password to access Blackboard.
How do I change my email address in Blackboard?
Users may have only one email address in Blackboard. In most cases, Blackboard uses the same email address as the CUNYPortal. If this address is not the one you use, you can now change it, but you must use a CUNY email address.
  • Log into Blackboard
  • In the Home tab, find and click on the Update Email link in the Tools module
  • Enter the new Email twice
  • Click Submit
Note: This will not change the email address used in the CUNY Portal or any other CUNY system. It will ONLY change the email address used by Blackboard.

Course Issues

Why doesn't my class show on my Blackboard Home page?Every semester, courses and their enrollments in Blackboard are automatically created by extracting the information from CUNYfirst. For an instructor to have access to these courses on Blackboard, they must be made Instructor or Record for that course by the Registrar in CUNYfirst. If you are assigned by your department to teach a course and it does not show on My Courses module on your Blackboard Home page, please contact your department, the Registrar's Office, or both, to verify that you are listed as Instructor of Record for that course in CUNYfirst.

Once this is done, Blackboard will automatically feed these data and you will be able to see and interact with the course in Blackboard the following 48 hours.

How do I make my course available

All course sites are created "unavailable" by default at the beginning of each semester. Until a course is made available by the instructor, it cannot be viewed by students or visitors. Courses that have not yet been made available on the system will have the (unavailable) label appear next to the course title in the My Courses module.

To make a course available follow these steps:

  • Login to your Blackboard course
  • In the Control Panel menu, Click the Customization link
  • In the submenu click on Properties link to open the Properties page on the right
  • In the Set Availability section, select the "Yes" radio button and click Submit when done.


Why students don't see my course on their Blackboard Home page?
Please see the instructions for Setting Course Availability.

How do I see the list of students in my class?

  • In the Control Panel Menu, click the Users and Group link
  • In the pull-down submenu, click Users
  • Students names will show in the Users page

How do I send an email to my students?
Instructors can use the Blackboard course site to communicate with students in the course by using the Send Email feature.

To send an email:

  • Click the Tools content area
  • Select the Send Email link
  • Select the group you want to send the email to by clicking on the respective link
  • Enter the subject and message of your email
  • Click Submit
  • Alternatively, instructors can use the Send Email Course Tools link from the course Control Panel.


Creating and Using Course Content

How can I add new areas to the course menu?
Content areas in the course area places where you can put course content. They are displayed in the course menu on the left of the course page. You may want to add other content areas that you think will be helpful to the teaching process.

Adding Content Areas (Course Menu items) to a Course:

  • Turn the Edit Mode ON
  • From the Course menu, hover your move over the "Plus" Plus_sign button and in the list that appears, click on Create Content Area item.
  • Type the name of the content area.
  • Set the content to be available by checking the box then click Submit
  • The new content area appears at the bottom of the Course Menu

Deleting and changing the Content Area display order:

  • Turn the Edit Mode ON
  • To change the order of items, click on handle button (vertical double-headed arrow) Double-sided Arrow and drag it up or down to where you want this area to be.
  • To delete a content area, click on the Action Link (single-chevron) on the right of the area and selet Delete on the list. Confirm by clicking OK.


How do I upload and attach a file to course item?
To upload a course item such as a Word document, Adobe PDF, PowerPoint presentation, and so on, follow the steps below:

  • Turn the EDIT Mode ON
  • Click on the Content Area you wish to add an Item
  • Hover your mouse over the Build Content
  • Under Create column click the Item link
  • Complete the Content Information fields
  • In the Attachment section, click Browse My Computer or Browse Course to locate the file you want to upload
  • Click Submit


What is the difference between an "Item" and a "File"?
When creating a content item within a course, instructors can attach a file from their local computer or from the Course Files area of their Course. Files attached from the local computer are uploaded automatically into the Course Files area. This allows instructors to see, manage, and re-use the files in other parts of their Course. An Instructor can now upload a file once and use it in multiple areas of the Course.

When attaching an item, that item will be residing only in the content area where it is uploaded.

How do I copy existing course materials from an old course into a new couurse?
Course content remains available within Blackboard for three semesters. To copy course content  from previous semester follow the steps below:

  • In the Control Panel, click Packages and Utilities and in the submenu click Course Copy
  • Select the desired Copy Type
  • Click Browse button to find the destination course
  • In the new window, find the course you wish to copy materials into, select the radio button, and then click Submit.
  • Select all boxes you wish to copy into the new course
  • Note: DO NOT select Enrollments
  • Click Submit

How do I create an Assignment?
Instructors can create an assignment in Blackboard as a way for students to submit course work. A column is automatically created for each assignment in the Grade Center.

To create an Assignment:

  • Turn the Edit Mode ON
  • Click on the Content Area you wish to create the assignment
  • Hover your mouse over Create Assessment
  • Click Assignment
  • Enter the name and instructions for the assignment
  • If you want to attach a document for the students to read click on the Browse My Computer, or Browse Course button
  • Enter points possible for this assignment
  • Set the options you desire in the Availability section
  • Click Submit


Grade Center

How do I access the Grade Center?

  • In the Control Panel area, click the Grade Center link
  • In the pull-down submenu, click Full Grade Center

How do I grade student assignments?

  • In the Control Panel area click Grade Center, and then Assignments.
  • Locate the column for the assignment (it has the same name you entered when you created the assignment).
  • Hover your mouse over the cell where the column matches with the student, click the chevron and select View Grade Details.
  • Click the View Attempt button
  • To open the file, and grade the assignment inline

Other Questions

Which browsers can I use to access Blackboard?

For a list of supported browsers, please visit the Blackboard 9.1 Supported Browsers page.

Campus Cultural Centers

image description
Kupferberg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

image description
QPAC: Performing Arts Center

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

image description
QCC Art Gallery

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.