This site defines and explains several major aspects of faculty work currently going on at Queensborough Community College. Involving instructional practice, research, and collaborative efforts across campus, these are:

High impact instructional strategies

One of two major components of The Academies (the other is student support services), high impact instructional strategies are special learning experiences designed to provide students with greater engagement and better learning outcomes. These strategies include:

Special recognition:
Queensborough Community College is a “Roadmap” college!

The Roadmap Project

Developing a Community College Student Roadmap: From Entrance to Engagement in Educational Achievement and Success, part of the Association of American Colleges & Universities’ Liberal Education America’s Promise project, is designed to assist community colleges in creating robust and proactive programs of academic support—tied to expected learning outcomes—that engage students at entrance and teach them how to become active partners in their own quest for educational success. It is supported by a grant from MetLife Foundation.

Queensborough Community College was named in The Roadmap Project as one of a dozen community colleges poised to become national models in supporting student success. Collectively, these leadership institutions work to take what are often isolated and independent student success efforts and create an integrated roadmap to support both student persistence and higher levels of academic achievement.