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Module 1: Introduction to QCC online


Queensborough Community College offers eLearning classes that are taught via the Internet. On this page you will learn about eLearning classes. And, you will take a self-test to help you determine how well an eLearning class will fit your learning-style and life-style. 

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1. Two Types of eLearning Courses: PNET and FNET.


• In a PNET, or blended course, some class meetings, anywhere from 25% - 75% of the regularly scheduled class time, are held on-campus.
• The remainder of the class is conducted online using the Blackboard or Epsilen Learning Management Systems (LMS).


• In a FNET course 80% - 100% of the course is taught online using the Blackboard or Epsilen LMS.
• You may "attend" an FNET class at any time of the day or night.
• You must pay attention to course deadlines in order to complete the course successfully.
• You may, however, need to come on-campus for an orientation and exams.

With PNET and FNET classes the online mechanism for receiving assignments, for turning in assignments, for discussion with your instructor and your fellow students is built into the Blackboard and Epsilen LMS.

2. What are the requirements to participate in an online course?

• Meet all course pre-requisites.
• Register for the eLearning course as you would for any course at Queensborough Community College.
• Have access to Computer Equipment with Internet connection.
• Have necessary computer skills including the ability to cut and paste, place attachments onto eMail, and conduct Internet searches.
• Be a disciplined, independent student.
• Allow sufficient time to complete the work requirements/assignments for the course (approximately 9 to 12 hours per week for a three credit course.)

To succeed in an eLearning course you must be:

• Highly motivated.
• Independent.
• An active learner.
• Well organized and able to manage your time.
• Disciplined and able to study without external reminders.
• Adaptable to new learning environments.

These are precisely the qualities needed to succeed in any learning environment, but the online context puts special pressures on learners to be independent and self-disciplined.

3. What could an instructor ask you to do in an eLearning course?

• Send an email to the teacher or a fellow student.
• Attach a file to an email before sending it.
• Upload and download files.
• Take quizzes or exams online.
• Take quizzes or exams on-campus.
• Participate in an online threaded discussion list.
• Meet in a chat room for online class discussions.
• Listen to a recording and watch a video.
• Write Blog/Journal entries and write in a Wiki.
• Participate in online group activities.

4. Queensborough Community College is committed to providing opportunity and access to individuals with disabilities in all programs offered by the college.

• For more information, go to the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) web page.
• The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is located in the first floor of the Science Building Room 132. For further information, contact SSD, at 718-631-6257




Suitability Self-Test
Your answers from the Suitability Self-Test won't be collected, analyzed or graded. The main purpose of this activity is to help you determine how well an online class will fit your circumstances and life-style.

Directions: For each question in the Suitability Self-Test, select one answer by clicking the button next to it. When you are finished answering all of the questions, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


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