How to Connect to a Lab Computer on Campus via VPN - iPad

First Time Setup Installing Software

First Time Users
Download and Install Global Protect:

  1. Windows, Mac, and iPad
  2. IOS – iPad & iPhone
  3. Android & Chromebook

Download RDP (MacOS, IOS, and Android Only)

  1. MacOS
  2. IOS – iPad & iPhone
  3. Android & Chromebook

How to Connect (every time)

If you have questions or need help connecting to on campus computers remotely, email with "Access to Computer Labs" in the subject line of the email and include your EMPLID in the body of the email.

Installing QCC's VPN Software on the iPad

  1. Click on the following links to install the required apps.


    Remote Desktop Mobile

  2. Click on Get to install the required apps.


    Remote Desktop Mobile

  3. Click on Install to continue.


    Remote Desktop Mobile

    **Depending on your device / account settings, you may be prompted to authenticate with your Apple Account before installing.

Configuring VPN Access

  1. Launch the GlobalProtect app you just installed, and allow notifications when prompted.

  2. Enter as the portal address.

  3. Allow GlobalProtect to add VPN configurations to your device. This is mandatory or the connection cannot be established.

  4. Login with your TigerID credentials when presented with login page.

    **If you have trouble signing in, you can reset your password.

  5. Your VPN connection is now established.

Connecting to QCC's Network

  1. Click on the link below to bring up the VeraLab Real-Time Lab Usage page. Click on the icon under LiveMap to enter a computer you prefer.

    VeraLab Real-Time Lab Usage

  2. Once you have entered a computer lab, computer availability in real-time is displayed. Select a vacant computer to download the Remote Desktop Connection file.

  3. Click Download to confirm

  4. Tap the down arrow on the top and show Downloads item. Tap on the downloaded file to initiate connecting to the lab computer.

  5. Enter student as username and password when prompted.

  6. Tap OK when prompted to allow access to Bluetooth.

  7. Your connection to the lab computer is now established.

  8. When your session is over, remember to log off!

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