Fully Online Classes: Synchronous vs. Asynchronous

Student Support Centers

Reminder: As you work your way through the second half of the fall semester, be sure to take advantage of the great student services available to you. From free online tutoring at the Center for Tutoring and Academic Support as well as the Mathematics Learning Center, to Counseling and Career Services, the College provides you with all you need to finish strong this semester. The campus Food Pantry is also available (by appointment only).

Getting Started

  1. Watch for communication from each of your instructors. (Check your QCC Office 365 email frequently)

  2. Familiarize yourself with QCC's instructional technologies (Student Support web page)

  3. Monitor Coronavirus Information website

Long-Term Device Loaner Program

Access to Virtual Desktops Off Campus

Distance Learning For Spring

To protect the health and well-being of everyone in our community, Queensborough will be delivering the majority of instruction and support services from a distance this spring. Only a very limited number of courses will be taught in a hybrid format. No courses will be taught fully in-person.

Please check the classes you have registered for on CUNYfirst to learn if they will be taught synchronously, asynchronously or hybrid. If you have not yet registered, you are strongly urged to register as soon as possible as classes are filling very fast!

Fully online classes will be taught in one of two ways:

  1. Synchronous Courses:

    • Synchronous class meetings are similar to on campus classes in that you must be present (online) at the time the class is scheduled in CUNYfirst to meet.
    • These online classes will be taught live. You will engage with the instructor and other students.
    • You must login to a virtual learning platform, such as Blackboard, during scheduled class times. Your professors will inform you via email which platform the class will be using.
    • How can you tell if your online class is synchronous? Login to CUNYfirst schedule of classes. For synchronous classes, days/times are listed on the CUNYfirst schedule of classes. These are the days and times you are expected to be online.

    Synchronous online courses appear like this in the course schedule:

    -Instruction Mode: Online
    -Dates & Times: Specific Days and Times indicate when you are expected to be online.

    sample synchronous online course listing on CUNYfirst

  2. Asynchronous:

    • Asynchronous classes do not require you to login to your virtual course at a specified time.
    • You will be required to complete coursework, for example, watch pre-recorded lectures, films or other provided media such as readings, on your own time, but be mindful of due dates specified by your professor!
    • Assignment deadlines and exam days/times are maintained and included on the class syllabus.
    • How can you tell if your online class is asynchronous? Login to CUNYfirst schedule of classes. The Instruction Mode is listed Under "Room" as "Online-Asynchronous"

    Asynchronous online course listings appear like this in the course schedule:

    -Instruction Mode: Online-Asynchronous

    sample asynchronous online course listing on CUNYfirst

  3. Only a very few classes will be offered as Hybrid.

    • A hybrid class includes a combination of online instruction (synchronous or asynchronous) with some in-person class meetings taught face to face in a classroom on campus, with care and attention given to social distancing in the interest of student and faculty health and safety.

    Hybrid courses appear like this in the course schedule:

    - Instruction Mode: Hybrid

    Hybrid instruction mode for courses listed in CUNYfirst

    Please be sure to take a few minutes to check your course schedule in CUNYfirst to see how the courses you have registered for will be delivered.

All student support services offices will continue to operate virtually this spring.

And if you have yet to register, remember, classes are filling fast! Contact your adviser with questions!

Long-Term Device Loaner Program Update

Requesting a new loaner device

Devices are available on loan for students who need them to participate in distance learning. You must be registered for the winter session and spring semester or the spring semester alone to request a loaner device. If your course requires additional technology, please contact DeviceLoaner@qcc.cuny.edu with course and section. Students registered for the winter session only are ineligible for a loaner device.

Students enrolled for the spring can submit a device request by clicking Loaner Request and logging in using their Tiger ID username and password.

Login to Request a Loaner Device
For assistance with your Tiger ID account select password help at the bottom of the login page.

If the student is approved for a loaner device, the device will be mailed to the student's address.

Note: If you are having trouble logging in to request a loaner, please email helpdesk@qcc.cuny.edu with "Loaner Request Login" in the subject line of the email and include your EMPLID in the body of the email.

Returning a loaned device

If you were loaned a device from the College for the fall semester, the device loaned to you must be returned unless you meet one of the following exceptions:

  1. You are currently enrolled in a Winter Session course
  2. You are currently registered for the Spring '21 semester
  3. You will register for the Spring '21 semester before Friday, January 29 (The first day of fall classes)

If you are not returning to QCC, or transferring to another CUNY college, or returning to QCC but no longer need the device, please return your device to the College. We hope the device we loaned to you was helpful in completing your fall classes, and returning your device now will allow us to provide other students who need a device to continue their studies at QCC during the winter and into the spring.

Please follow the instructions below to return your device to the College:

If you have the original shipping packaging and it is useable, contact QCC Central Receiving (CentralReceiving@qcc.cuny.edu) to schedule a pickup. Carefully package the laptop or iPad and seal the box using appropriate packaging tape. When the UPS driver arrives on the scheduled pick-up date, you must fill out the return label the UPS driver will provide with the QCC return address.

If you do not have the original shipping packaging and need a box to package the laptop or iPad, contact QCC Central Receiving (CentralReceiving@qcc.cuny.edu) and we will send you a box with bubble wrap and a UPS return label. Please carefully wrap the laptop or iPad with the bubble wrap, put the laptop in the box, seal the box using appropriate packaging tape, and affix the UPS return label on the box. Once the device is packaged and ready to ship back, contact either UPS directly and schedule a pickup or contact QCC Central Receiving to schedule a UPS pick up for you.

You do not have to pay for returning the device that was loaned to you.

The College will confirm with you via email that UPS has picked up the device and will track the return.

If you have any questions, please contact Central Receiving: CentralReceiving@qcc.cuny.edu

Access to Virtual Desktops Off Campus

Students registered for the current semester can remotely log into Queensborough's virtual desktops (VDI) from off campus to use the software available in the College's computer labs. Virtual desktops include specialty software* as well as more general use computer software.

Learn how to Save and Retrieve your files on Dropbox or OneDrive as you will be unable to save those files locally and get to them at a later date.

*Ask your professor(s) if your course requires specialty software that is available on campus computers, to which you can logon remotely to access.

View the list of software for the computers in the remote labs.

Remote Labs S/W

If you have questions or need help connecting to on campus computers remotely, email ACCsupport@qcc.cuny.edu.

Recommendations to Succeed in an Online Course

Communicate with your Instructors

  • If you do not have all of the required technology to access and complete online coursework, be proactive in communicating this to your instructor and in finding solutions.
  • If you can't find your online course materials, contact your instructor
  • If you are confused or need more guidance to complete an online activity, contact your instructor
  • Contact your instructor via email. You can find your instructor's email in the course syllabus.
  • Some instructor may use Blackboard as the primary tool for communication. Your Instructor may be using one or more of the following Blackboard tools to communicate with you:
    • Send Emails through Blackboard - The course email tool is a send-only tool in Blackboard. You receive emails from Blackboard in your QCC Student email, not in Blackboard itself.
    • Discussion Boards – The Discussion board is an area where participants discuss a topic or a group of related topics. Within each forum, users can create multiple threads. When your instructor creates a forum, they may or may not let you start threads.

Learn how to navigate your Blackboard courses

Instructors use the Blackboard Learning Management System in a myriad number of ways to interact with their students. Blackboard is used by faculty to host their course content such as word and pdf documents, provide students with course announcements and broadcast email announcements and alerts to students enrolled in their courses. Blackboard also allows faculty to host a rich variety of multimedia content such as audios and videos. Instructors may also use blackboard to create, host and administer their exams as well as post and grade assignments.
Thus students should be familiar with the basics of logging into, navigating, viewing content, taking tests, uploading assignments, viewing graded assignments and grades in Blackboard.

Meet online in real-time with your instructor – Blackboard Collaborate

Many instructors may use Blackboard Collaborate or a similar technology to conduct their online classes in real-time. Blackboard Collaborate is a powerful communication and collaboration tool that allows real-time online instruction and discussion with your instructor and classmates.

The following are recommendations for a successful online experience in Blackboard Collaborate:

Ways to Communicate in Blackboard

Library Resources

To access library databases from home, use CUNY Login username (firstname.lastname##) and CUNY Login password (the same password as the CUNYFirst).

Tutorials on using the library databases can be found on the QCC LibGuides page.

For research help or questions, 24/7 Chat is available on the QCC Library homepage from both on and off campus.

Library Quick links:

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The KHC uses the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

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