Mathematics Resources

The following Printable Document Format (PDF) files represent the various Mathematics components used the TechASCEND program. The files are courtesy of Dr. Patrick Wallach, Mathematics and Computer Science Department.

  • Introduction to Excel - PDF

  • Planning a Budget Using Excel - PDF

  • Using Maple to Explore Trigonometric Functions - PDF

  • Using Excel on the Mirror Equation - PDF

  • Examining Logarithms Using Maple - PDF

  • Law of Sines and Law of Cosines - PDF

  • Exploring the graphs of f(x)=a · sin(bx+c) and g(x)=a · cos(bx+c) - PDF

  • Understanding the Normal Distribution - PDF

  • Examining Linear Regression Between Two Variables - PDF

  • Examining Correlation Between Two Variables - PDF

  • Using Statistics to Understand a Population - PDF

  • Examining Exponential Functions Using Maple - PDF

  • Examining Exponential Growth Functions - PDF