Student Rights - Office of Student Affairs

At Queensborough the rights and responsibilities of students have been formally developed within the framework of the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York, as well as the Bylaws of the Academic Senate and the Bylaws of the Faculty of the College. Queensborough students have participated actively in the formulation of rules and procedures governing student activities. Student representation on the Academic Senate and on major College committees provides direct impact of student views on virtually every aspect of College life vital to undergraduates.In order to ensure that students who hold office are able to meet their responsibilities to both the student body and their studies, they are asked to meet the following academic qualifications before seeking election and while holding elected or appointed positions in Day Student Government or other student clubs, services, organizations, and publications:

  1. To be eligible to run for office in Student Government, students must be fully matriculated, have completed at least 12 credits or credit equivalents, and have attained a 2.25 minimum grade-point average. They must maintain a 2.00 minimum grade-point average to remain in office.
  2. Students seeking office must be enrolled as full-time students and carry a minimum of twelve (12) credits or credit equivalents.
  3. No student may hold office for more than four (4) semesters   (not necessarily consecutive semesters).
  4. To permit for extenuating circumstances for students with disabilities at the College, students with disabilities must meet the following requirements:
    1. Students must be fully matriculated, and have achieved a 2.00 minimum grade-point average;
    2. Students must be certified by the Section 504 coordinator (see page 182) and the Director of Disabled Student Services or the Director of the External Education Program for the Homebound;
    3. Students must have completed twelve (12) credits or credit equivalents before seeking elective office;
    4. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credits or credit equivalents while holding elective office;
    5. Students may not hold elective office for more than four (4) semesters (not necessarily consecutive semesters)

Any student who finds that he or she is subject to disciplinary action should read the section Student Disciplinary Procedures which gives a detailed summary of rights and procedures. All discipline matters should be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students. The college has a Student Judicial Affairs Officer, a designee of the Dean of Students, who will adjudicate and/or mediate disciplinary actions. In any disciplinary proceeding, due process is assured.

Please Note: See Regulations Governing Student Conduct on Campus, for rules and regulations governing certain academic policies, student conduct on campus, and parking regulations. Also see issues of Academic Integrity.