Dr. Paul Jean-Pierre

Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. Jean-Pierre worked with Board of Education from 1983-1996 as a Bilingual Clinician and Chairperson for preschool on special education(CPSE) and Special Education (CSE). In 1996 thru 1998, Dr. Jean-Pierre rebuilt the whole special education system for the Roosevelt Union free school district, resulting in a saving of $8 million.

From 1998 to 2004 Dr. Jean-Pierre was the Director of College Discovery at Queensborough Communiy College, where he transformed the program by using two distinct theoretical approaches: Deming Management Style and Constructivism. He also instituted a vigorous staff development regimen for staff and tutors , an idea that led to a substantial increase in retention and graduation rate for the program. This infusion of theory and sensus communis did not go unnoticed by the Special Program Administrators, as they had declared CD the model for CUNY.

Since 2004, Dr. Jean-Pierre has been the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, where he has created a robust student conduct management program. Using Taylor and Varner’s theoretical orientation, he has established a program fully infused with conflict resolution pathways that meets the institution’s needs and is educationally based. He has created a system where each individual is respected and where individuals also accept their obligations to the community. He has moved away from the urge to bring strict adherence to rules to the well-developed theories of moral, ethical, and psychosocial development to lay down the foundation for the development of young adults who are learning to internalize the values of integrity, judgment, compassion, personal responsibility, accountability and respect. Dr. Jean-Pierre views student conflict resolution and management not as an end in itself but as a tool for affecting student growth and development to prepare students as productive, knowledge-generating, and humane citizen of the world.

Dr. Jean-Pierre holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with minors in Theology and History from St. Alphonsus College, a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Webster University, a second Master of Arts degree in Social Work from Hunter School of Social Work, and a Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration with a minor in Learning Disability from Columbia University. In addition, Dr. Jean-Pierre has completed all coursework in Bilingual School Psychology at Fordham University.