Starfish FAQ's

Yes, an email notice will arrive with a link to the progress survey(s) Early alert training dates

No. Starfish is configured so that you can log on with your qcc email credentials (username/password). Starfish will accept any username and password if it is a valid QCC email account.

No, not at this time. Starfish will only accept credentials from a valid QCC email account.

1) Confirm your QCC email username and password are working by logging on to the QCC email system at

2) If you can't log on to your QCC email, reset your password at and try again.

3) After trying steps 1 and 2 if you are still unable to log into your email, reset your password, or log in to starfish,contact the QCC help desk for additional assistance.

  • Call 718-631-6348 for assistance, or dial ext. 6348 if you're on campus
  • Visit the IT office in room A-303

If you receive a warning email from Starfish informing you that you have been locked out of your Starfish account due to multiple unsuccessful login attempts, forward this email to the QCC Help Desk for assistance. The QCC Help desk email is listed below:


No. Starfish is a web based utility and can be accessed from any computer with internet connectivity.

When a flag is raised a yellow note pad icon will appear next to the student's name. Click on this icon to leave comments. Sometimes however a student's name is too long and this icon will be obscured. This can be remedied by adjusting the bounding box so as to reveal the entire name of the student.

Starfish supports the following browsers:


  • Latest version and previous version of Firefox
  • Latest version and previous version of Opera
  • Latest version and previous version of Chrome
  • Safari 4+
  • Internet Explorer 9+


  • Latest version and previous version of Firefox
  • Latest version and previous version of Opera
  • Latest version and previous version of Chrome
  • Safari 4+


  • Safari 4+

Making changes to your email notification settings in Starfish is easy! Once logged in, simply click on your name which will be located on the upper right-hand side of your screen, the select the "Email Notifications" tab. Here you will find various tools which will allow you to customize what kind of notifications you receive from Starfish. Don't forget to hit the submit button to save all changes!

There may be times when an instructor needs to lower/clear a raised flag- the flag was raised by mistake or the student met with their instructor to discuss the flag concern. Naturally, the flag should be lowered/closed as soon as possible, so that student’s academy/program adviser is aware the flag concern was addressed directly by the instructor.

Instructors should send requests to, the help desk staff will lower the flag on behalf of the instructor and add lower/clear comments when they are provided. Please include the following info: course section, student name, and item(s) to be cleared.

Some of your profile, such as your contact information, is imported from your CMS or SIS. Other parts of your profile, such as your cell phone number can be entered in by you. When you have logged into starfish you can change your profile settings from the dashboard by clicking on your name which appears in the upper right-hand corner of your browser. You will notice your profile has a drop down menu with three distinct sections. They are as follows:

  • Institutional Profile
  • Appointment Preferences
  • Email Notifications

Your Institutional Profile is where you will personalize your profile by adding a picture of yourself, a cellphone number, alternate email etc. Your "Appointment Preferences" is where you can do things like adding your room number into the locations field so students can know where to meet you for office hours. Your "Email Notifications" is where you can setup what email reminders if any you would like to receive from starfish

Campus Cultural Centers

Kupferberg Holocaust Center (KHC)Opens in a new window
Kupferberg Holocaust Center Opens in a new window

Using the lessons of the Holocaust to educate current and future generations about the ramifications of unbridled prejudice, racism and stereotyping.

Queensborough Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window
QPAC: Performing Arts CenterOpens in a new window

QPAC is an invaluable entertainment company in this region with a growing national reputation. The arts at QPAC continues to play a vital role in transforming lives and building stronger communities.

Queensborough Art GalleryOpens in a new window
QCC Art GalleryOpens in a new window

The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York is a vital educational and cultural resource for Queensborough Community College, the Borough of Queens and the surrounding communities.