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Faculty/Student Testimonials

How do I get started with surveys?

As a course instructor you will receive an email message from Starfish notifying you of available course surveys. The message will include a list of your assigned courses with instructions on how to logon and steps to complete your class survey(s). Logon to Starfish is easy and convenient just use your QCC email credentials, same username and password! Click on the link below for a how-to video on completing your progress surveys!

What is a progress survey?

A progress survey lists your courses and is a clickable grid which may be used to identify at-risk students by raising academic flags, referring a student to an appropriate learning center, and assigning students a kudo for good work! When a progress survey is filled out, the appropriate messages will be sent to students, advisers, and learning centers in the form of emails.

What is a raised flag?

A flag is raised to make your student aware of a specific concern that you may have regarding their coursework. Students will recieve an email notifying them that a flag has been raised and alert them to an area of their class performance that needs work.

Below are the five academic flags:

  • Lateness Concern
  • Attendance Concern
  • Unprepared for Class
  • Poor Class Performance
  • In Danger of Failing

Click here to watch a video on how to raise flags anytime:

What is a referral?

Referrals are used to refer a student to one of the many center's on campus to assist them in their course work or some aspect of their personal development, such as meetings with advisers.

Below are referrals you may want to send out to help them succeed:

  • Student Learning Center - General Tutoring
  • Math Learning Center - General Tutoring
  • Campus Writing Center - General Tutoring
  • College Discovery Learning Center - General Tutoring
  • Academic Literacy Center - General Tutoring
  • Office of Military and Veterans Services

Click here to watch a video on how to create referrals anytime:

What is a kudo?

Kudos should be awarded to a student who is performing well or who has been showing a great determination to improve their standing.Simply put, they're their for encouragement.

Below are kudos you may wish to award for hard work:

  • Showing Improvement
  • Keep Up the Good Work
  • Outstanding Academic Performance

Click here to watch a video on how to add a kudo anytime:

Can I submit a flag, referral, or kudo when there are no surveys?

Yes, you can raise tracking items (flags,referrals, kudos) anytime. All you have to do is login to starfish with your QCC email credentials then select the correct course and term to populate a list of your students so that you can raise tracking items. Read through the tracking item info packet provided in the link below for a walkthrough of the basic process

Click here for the tracking item info packet PDF

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