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******* ANNOUNCEMENT  12-14-18  *****************

Your GRADES are listed on the row with your CUNYFirst ID # on the left column." page.  The last four digits of the CUNY FIRST ID # are used.  Find those grades by going to the course menu or the left column and then click on "Grades

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******* ANNOUNCEMENT  8-30-18  *****************

CUNY is currently shutting down all email systems other than Microsoft Office 365 accounts.  If you have been using another account to contact me or send me email for any reason please STOP.

The format for the new Office 365 student email is the studentís CUNYfirst username followed by For example, The password is the studentís CUNYfirst password.

IN ADDITION to the CUNY email account you may use another such as gmail or aol or yahoo or some other college account but you need to let me know.

I shall be sending class email using the

******* ANNOUNCEMENT  8-30-18  *****************

CUNY is deploying the new Blackboard Ė Digication Building Block next week. Digication will be accessible through Blackboard courses. Apparently, they are not supporting the old Digication version anymore.

Also, I want to inform you that QCC did not renew contract with Digication for 2018-19 Academic Year due to the very low number of users and budget reduction. However, Digication will allow us to use the system during the current academic year.

 Since we are in the middle of this transition, I strongly recommend that you wait another week or two before you start building your ePortfolios. Once the new building block is deployed, I will send you a new set of instructions.

If there continues to be a problem we will abandon the creation fo the eportfolios.  Those of you who have some other social network membership where you can place examples of your best work may use them.


******* ANNOUNCEMENT  8-27-18  to 9-2-18  *****************

MODULE 1 is open

There is a problem with there being two different email systems for QCC students this semester: the old tigermail accounts and the new Office 365 accounts with

Be sure to send me an email from the account you want to be using so I can add it to the list for this class and send you important items to that account.


 ******* ANNOUNCEMENT  8-25-18  *****************************


Prepare for one heck of an experience.

Intense and rapid!!

7 weeks of work and thinking, thinking , thinking. Are you ready!

Fun, work, opportunities, work, rewards, work.

18 to 20 hours of work per week in Summer session!!!!

 Patients' Rights**Informed   Consent**Privacy**Experimentation**Partial Birth Abortion**Cloning**Physician Assisted Suicide**Infanticide**Allocation of Resources**Right to Health Care** & Other Topics!!!

A Survivor Course !

Professor Philip A. Pecorino

VIDEO:  Welcome Opening


Well, congratulations on entering the class site and getting this far.  Now we get into it.  If you got this far you can make it through the rest of this.  I look forward to working with all of you and hope that we will produce successful outcomes for each one of you taking this course.

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Latest Items in the news


Donor livers may not go to the most needy

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Providing Health Care in USA : Universal Cure

Italian Lawmakers Enact Rules That Limit Reproductive Rights

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On the right to die with dignity:

Fla. Comatose Woman Gets Fed After Bush Order

Schiavo Debate Rekindled

It May Be a Family Matter, but Just Try to Define Family

In Feeding-Tube Case, Many Neurologists Back Courts

States of Awareness :     Defining, debating what constitutes a vegetative state

'My Father Wasn't There'

Life Support Laws Strict in NY

On Abortion

What's The Value of a Fetus?

On Infanticide:

India Steps Up Effort to Halt Abortions of Female Fetuses

Health Care Costs and Access and Distribution

Open Season For Health Care Costs

Do Some Pay Too Little for Health Care?

Generous Medicare Payments Spur Specialty Hospital Boom


Senate Backs Genetic Privacy Bill

Genetics and Reproductive Technology

Putting Baby Together

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Mysterious Crop of Staph



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READING-Rules for Transplants

Reading  DEATH by Malpractice

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Reading Hensel Twins


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Your grade is posted on " Grades "  Your grades are listed on the row with your CUNYFirst ID # on the left column." page.  The last four digits of the CUNY FIRST ID # are used.  Find those grades by going to the course menu or the left column and then click on "Grades"


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