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Support for Faculty Travel

Funding for Travel for Professional Purposes  

Funds for travel for professional purposes are available from different sources in CUNY and elsewhere:

 1. PSC CUNY Agreement- allocated by the College to each department- Applications are within departments- See the Department Chairperson for more information and application

 2. PSC fund for adjunct travel to professional meetings- Professional Development Fund-information and applications at the PSC website  http://www.psc-cuny.org/AdjunctContinuingEdDev.htm

 3. Each College may have funds for travel support available from some central unit of the College.  Consult with the Dean of Faculty or Department Chairperson or Provost concerning what may be available and how to apply.

4. PSC-CUNY Agreement  section 25.5 Scholar Incentive Awards

All any college needs to do to provide for one of these Scholar Incentive Awards is to: 

1. Have the candidate prepare a plan of research

2. Have the academic department approve of the plan via a special department committee

3. Have the departmental approval reviewed and approved by the College Personnel and Budget Committee

4. Forward the approval of the College Personnel and Budget Committee to the College President 

There are guidelines and limits on the amount of these awards.  "A candidate may be compensated by the University for up to 25% of annual salary rate. The total amount of money earnable with outside support and the University salary may not exceed 100% of the annual salary rate that the person would have received without the leave. The amount may be less than 25% if the amount of any outside fellowship and grant support received would result in earnings above 100% of salary."
There is money available for these awards.  If a person is on full reassigned time the would be ineligible for this award. 

PSC-CUNY Agreement  section 25.5 Scholar Incentive Awards

Scholar Incentive Awards of not less than one semester nor more than one year shall be established for full-time personnel in the following titles: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor, Lecturer, University Professor, Distinguished Professor and Medical Series. The only purpose of these Awards shall be to facilitate bona fide and documented scholarly research. Other projects or proposals (e.g. meeting of degree requirements, study, service outside the University) or reasons (e.g. professional, career, personal) shall not be considered for these Awards.

The application in the form of a plan shall be submitted to the appropriate departmental committee and, if approved, to the college committee on faculty personnel and budget. If the latter committee approves, it shall forward the application to the President with its endorsement. Such endorsement must state that the work of the department in which the applicant serves can be so arranged as to be carried forward effectively during the period of the leave, and that the work the applicant intends to do is consonant with the principles of the Scholar Incentive Award. Upon positive recommendation of the President, the application shall be forwarded to the Chancellor for review and recommendation. 

The following principles for such Scholar Incentive Awards shall apply: 

1. A candidate shall be a full-time member of the instructional staff in one of the above titles.

2. A candidate shall have completed not less than one full year of continuous paid full-time service with the University before becoming eligible for a Scholar Incentive Award. A candidate shall be eligible for a subsequent Scholar Incentive Award after six years of creditable service with the University since the completion of the last Scholar Incentive Award.

A Scholar Incentive Award may not be held concurrently with a Fellowship Leave.

3. If a Scholar Incentive Award is immediately preceded by full-time continuous service creditable for tenure or a Certificate of Continuous Employment or Fellowship Award and immediately followed by such full-time continuous service, the period of creditable service immediately preceding the Scholar Incentive Award shall be counted in computing the years of service required for the granting of tenure, Certificate of Continuous Employment or Fellowship Award.

4. A candidate may be compensated by the University for up to 25% of annual salary rate. The total amount of money earnable with outside support and the University salary may not exceed 100% of the annual salary rate that the person would have received without the leave. The amount may be less than 25% if the amount of any outside fellowship and grant support received would result in earnings above 100% of salary.

5. The University shall develop guidelines to be utilized in approving applications for Scholar Incentive Awards.


5. CUNY UFS William Stewart Travel Award for  first or second year tenure-track assistant professor

Established in 2002, the William Stewart Travel Award Grant provides grants of up to $300 to younger CUNY faculty members for participation and presentation at scholarly conferences.


·         You must be a first or second year tenure-track assistant professor

·         Requests must be submitted by  February 1

·         Winners must submit receipts for reimbursement

Please email requests and supporting materials to cunyufs@gmail.com or write to

William Stewart Travel Award
c/o the CUNY Academy
The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
365 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3301
New York, NY 10016-4309

 6.  CUNY UFS  Feliks Gross Endowment Award Fund –Assistant Professors

The Feliks Gross Endowment Award is presented each year to an assistant professor in recognition of outstanding research, or potential for such, in the humanities or sciences, including social and life sciences. Any faculty member who is an assistant professor at any unit of CUNY and whose field of expertise covers an area of the humanities or sciences is eligible to be considered for this award. The recipient receives an honorarium and a plaque. Applications are due on March 31. Please email questions to cunyufs@gmail.com

 7.   CUNY Postdoctoral Travel Awards Program

Information at :

Application at: http://www1.cuny.edu/academics/research-scholarship/postdoctoral-development-program/psotdoctravelawards_02.doc

The Office of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the second round of the CUNY Postdoctoral travel awards for conference presentation. The goal of this initiative is to provide postdoctoral associates an opportunity to present scholarly activities at a national or international conference. A maximum of ten grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded for conference related costs (e.g. travel, housing, registration) incurred between June 1st and December 31st, The deadline for receipt of proposals: April 20


  1. Only full-time postdoctoral associates* at the CUNY campuses may apply. 
  2. Active participation in the meeting or conference i.e. presentation of paper or poster is required.  In the case of co-authored papers only the primary author/presenter is eligible. 
  3. A postdoctoral associate can submit only one proposal in the academic year.  

 *Postdoctoral associates must have received their Ph.D. within the last six years.

 (Word doc or pdf) sent as an email attachment to oaaresearch@mail.cuny.edu

Questions or request for further information should be addressed to:  

  •   Dr. Laurence Frabotta
  •  Director, Special Research Programs
  • Office of Academic Affairs
  •  The City University of New York
  •  535 E. 80th Street
  •  New York NY 10021
  •  Tel: (212) 794-5470
  •  Fax: (212) 794-5378

 8. Listing of Hundreds of Possible funding Sources maintained by the CUNY Graduate Center


9. LACUNY Awards for Librarians

LACUNY is again sponsoring two (2) grants of $500 each to fund travel to library-related meetings or conferences for LACUNY members. You can find the grant information, including the application form and evaluation criteria, here:


TWO grants of $500 each will be awarded to full LACUNY members who are library faculty for the purpose of attending library-related conferences or meetings that take place after mid-March 2009. Proposals will be blind-reviewed by members of the Professional Development Committee.

Awards will not be given to more than one person from each institution.

This is NOT a research travel grant, which is covered by the PSC-CUNY Research Awards.

The grant applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

How the member's attendance furthers the association's mission, or contributes to areas of special focus within CUNY libraries, or explores new trends in the field AND how well these ideas are communicated to the reviewers.

Applicants must be LACUNY members as of March 18, 2009 (Paypal or checks received, not postmarked).

# The Grant funds will be disbursed by the LACUNY Treasurer upon submission of receipts in the amount of the grant.

# Awardees will submit a summary report to the Professional Development Committee, which will appear on the Committee’s website and will be published in LACUNY's News from CUNY Libraries.

# Activities and/or publications supported will credit "LACUNY Grant for Professional Development."

# Past Grant Awardees are not eligible.

Proposal Due Date: March 18, 2009

Awards Announced: March 25, 2009

A TWO-PAGE grant application form is required. Download the application

here: http://lacuny.cuny.edu/committees/professional/2009grantform.rtf

Page 1: Information Page with contact information and proposal title.

Page 2: Proposal Essay with reason for the request, the conference/meeting title and location, and estimated budget. An abstract of the conference or meeting may be part of the essay. This section may NOT be over one (1) page in length. The applicant's name must not appear on page 2.

Completed proposals should be sent as a two-page email attachment to david.brodherson@baruch.cuny.edu. All applications must be received by March 18, 2009.



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