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It is the responsibility of all members of the faculty as professional educators and members of the faculty to perform teaching, research , publication and creative activities and  such other activities as befits members of a faculty including participation in department and college and university academic and governance committees.   

Teaching Load  

The full-time faculty teaching load is set by contractual agreement at a  maximum of twenty-seven (27) contact hours per academic year.  This is also a total that can be averaged over three academic years. 

Article 15.1.b (b) Employees on the teaching staff of the City University of New York shall not be required to teach an excessive number of contact hours, assume an excessive student load, or be assigned an unreasonable schedule, it being recognized by the parties that the teaching staff has the obligation, among others, to be available to students, to assume normal committee assignments, and to engage in research and community service.


1. This Agreement is applicable to all full-time classroom teaching members of the instructional staff for undergraduate courses.

2.* The annual undergraduate teaching contact hour** workload shall be as follows, it being understood that the term "undergraduate teaching contact hour workload” includes reassigned time assigned to the individual and approved in the college: 

Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors in the senior Colleges - 21 hours 

Professors, Associate Professors,Assistant Professors in the Community Colleges- 27 hours 

Instructors and Lecturers - 27 hours 

In order to avoid the loss of teaching hours due to difficulties in scheduling, the annual undergraduate teaching contact hour workload shall be managed over a three-year period. The intent of this provision is to ensure that classroom contact hours not scheduled in one year because the courses assigned to the faculty member do not permit an exact correspondence with the stated workload may be scheduled in a subsequent year within the three-year period. Calculated over the three-year period, the average annual undergraduate teaching contact hour workload of every faculty member shall equal the hours specified above. 

The annual undergraduate teaching contact hour workload of faculty in Substitute titles shall be three hours greater than the annual undergraduate teaching contact hour workload stated herein for the equivalent rank. 

 Article 15.2 of the most recent Agreement between the University and the Professional Staff Congress states that adjunct lecturers or adjuncts in other titles, excluding graduate assistants, shall not be assigned a total of more than nine (9) classroom contact hours during a semester in one unit of The City University of New York. In addition, such adjuncts may teach one course, of not more than six hours, at another CUNY unit.   

Teaching Schedules

 There are no university policies that require full-time faculty to spread their teaching over four or five days.  There are several colleges where faculty have 2 or 3 day teaching schedules but a 4 day schedule is the most common.  Since it is the department chairs, not the administration, that schedule classes, and since the chairs are, in general, elected, it would be difficult for the college to enforce a rule requiring 4 or 5 day schedules. In any case, enough faculty members have enough reassigned time to make such a rule completely impossible.  There are some cases of department chair persons attempting to implement a four day or five day teaching schedule as a rule.  Such chairpersons do not usually serve for more than a single term of office.    Teaching schedules should support faculty development activities and provide opportunity for research and creative work.  If they do not provide for such there may be a case for a grievance.

The teaching load hours are set at a maximum of 27 which can be averaged over three years. 


Faculty with reassigned time during the academic year will not normally be eligible for an overload assignment. In those instances when, for academic reasons, a President approves an overload teaching assignment for faculty with reassigned time, such assignment cannot exceed one course, typically of three classroom contact hours, but in no event to exceed four classroom contact hours, per academic year. Faculty with reassigned time for research are not eligible for an overload assignment. (BOT Minutes 2007,02-26,005, item_F)


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