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Scheduling of Reassigned time under the PSC CUNY Agreement for Research


The instruction below describes the process by which Academic Department Chairpersons are to schedule the reassigned time for recent hires so they can do the research and creative work they are expected to produce.


From: King, Dan L.
Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2008 9:21 AM
To: _Departmental Chairs
Cc: Steele, Karen B.; Corradetti, Arthur; Cuomo, Michele; Marchese, Paul; Salamanca, Olga


Dean Larios and I are working to develop a formal statement describing the guidelines/procedures for the use of reassigned time for research.  You can expect that one component of those guidelines will be a standardization of agreements between chairs and pretenure faculty on the timing and intended outcomes of the 24 hours of reassigned time that is provided to all new tenure-track faculty.  In anticipation of this expectation, I request that each of you consult with your new faculty rather early during this semester to begin discussing opportunities/expectations of this reassigned time.  By the beginning of the second semester we should be able to receive a brief memorandum of mutual agreement that delineates the scheduling plan, the general focusa, and any anticipated outcomes of this block of reassigned time.  (These agreements will be subject to annual review/revision.)


Dan L. King

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Queensborough Community College

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