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Faculty who have need of information concerning their rights to grieve personnel actions should consult with the PSC Grievance Counselor on their campus or the PSC central offices. 

Here is some information specific to QCC on a grievance concerning a PERSONNEL ACTION re REAPPOINTMENT, TENURE or PROMOTION



MINORITY REPORTS for members of the Department P&B committees


There is the right to submit a minority report on a vote for reappointment.


  1. Recommendations for appointments in a department shall be initiated (1) by the department or (2) to a professorial title by the president pursuant to his/her responsibilities in accordance with section 11.4. of these bylaws. The president may recommend that such appointee be designated as department chairperson. Such recommendation by the president for appointment and designation as department chairperson may be made either at the time of election of department chairperson or at such other time as the educational interests of the college may require. Before recommending such appointment or designation, the president shall confer with the members of the department and with the college committee on faculty personnel and budget.


  2. All appointments, reappointments, and reappointments with tenure to a department, except as above specified, shall be recommended to the college committee on faculty personnel and budget by the chairperson of the department after consultation with the president in accordance with the vote of the majority of the members of the department's committee on appointments, or departmental committee on personnel and budget, save that a minority of any committee on appointments or departmental committee on personnel and budget shall have power to submit a minority recommendation to the college committee on faculty personnel and budget.

QCC Bylaws Section 8.8b.2  PROMOTIONS 

There is a right to send a minority report to the College P&B according to the QCC Faculty Bylaws section   8.8b.2  

A minority at any departmental committee on personnel and budget shall have the power to submit a minority recommendation to the College Personnel and Budget Committee.

In addition  

1. Department P&B members can write a letter in support of an Appeal to the Academic Review Committee.

2. When the recommendation of the Academic Review Committee is sent to the President Department P&B members can write a letter to the President. 

WARNING:  Department P&B members must not disclose what was said at the Department P&B or the numerical nature of any vote.  Department P&B members can however provide background information and explanations for anything that might appear as negative in the personnel file of a faculty member. 

3. Letters of support or explanation that Department P&B members write to anyone  should be placed into the personal personnel file of the faculty member involved by that faculty member.

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