Jankowski - SS 510 - C2

Jeffery Jankowski, Ph.D.

Introduction to Psychology: SS - 510 (C2)

Term: Spring 2004

Time: Tuesday – 9-11:50am

Textbook: Feldman, R.S. (2003). Essentials of Psychology (Fifth Edition). McGraw-Hill

Course Goals:

  • Provide an overview of psychology
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Foster thought of psychological information in the marketplace.


  • Exam I - 15% of Grade
  • Exam II - 25% of Grade
  • Exam III - 25% of Grade
  • Writing Assignment - 25% of Grade
  • Class Participation - 10% of Grade

Exams: The exams will have 40-45 multiple choice questions which will cover material presented in class and in the text. It is permissible to make-up one of the first two exams on May 11. In order to do so, please provide some evidence of illness or family emergency. Everyone is expected to be present for the final exam.

Attendance: Your presence in class is important – attendance will be taken. (Students are kindly asked to make every effort not to bring young children to class.)

Participation: Students are encouraged to join in class discussion and ask questions (during class, after class, or during office hours).

DatesChapterTopics, Exams, Assignments
2-3 Ch 1 Introduction to Psychology
2-10 Ch 2 The Biology of Underlying Behavior
2-17 Ch 3 Sensation and Perception
2-24 Allen, K. (2003). Are pets a healthy pleasure? The influence of pets on blood pressure. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 12(6), 236-239.
2-24 Review for Exam
3-2 Exam I – Ch 1, 2, 3
3-9 Ch 4 Return Exams, States of Consciousness
3-16 Ch 5 Learning
3-23 Ch 6 Memory, Review for Exam
3-30 Exam II – Ch 4, 5, 6
4-6, 4-13 No Class – Spring Recess
4-20 Ch 7 Return Exam, Thinking, Language, and Intelligence
4-27 Ch 7

Thinking, Language, and Intelligence (continued)

5-4 Ch 8 Motivation and Emotion, (Writing Assignment Due)
5-11 Ch 9 Development, (Make-up Exams)
5-18 Ch 9 Development, Review for Exam
5-20 to 5-28 Exam III – Ch 7, 8, 9

Writing Assignment:

Prepare an essay of one of the following: B.F. Skinner, S. Freud, A. Maslow, or W. James. Include a brief history (birthplace, education, place of work, death) and explain some major contributions.

The paper should be:

  • 3-5 pages
  • Type-Written (Font size 11 with 1 inch margins)
  • Double-spaced
  • In your own words, please do not copy from references

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