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The Student Learning Center offers FREE tutoring services for a wide variety of subjects:

Biology Electrical Engineering History
Business Foreign Languages Nursing
Chemistry Geology Physics
Computer Info. Sys. Health Sciences Social Sciences

You can view the tutoring schedule by clicking on the subject area listed on the side.


Human Anatomy Models

Students are welcome to examine the human anatomy models at the Student Learning Center. Students can come to the SLC and use the models to study on their own or they can use the models with the assistance of a tutor. Human Anatomy models include: muscle anatomy, arteries and veins, the brain, bones structure, digestive system, heart model, reproductive system (male/female) etc.



Students can work with the microscope with the assistance of a tutor. The slides at the SLC include Histology slides and Pathogen slides.



The Student Learning Center has computers for students to use to do research or to work with a tutor during a tutoring session. Please note, computers are NOT available for printing.


The student Learning Center has a separate section for self-study where students are able to study quietly in a group or on their own. Students are welcome to utilize all the learning resources we have available for them. All students planning on receiving any services or using our resources should come prepared with a QCC OneCard ID.

Whether you need tutoring, study alone, or need to "touch base" with us, we're glad to have you!