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Art History

Spring 2010 Tutors Schedule - Foreign Languages:


Speech Communication and Theatre Arts

All Foreign Language tutoring is done on an appointment-only basis and with authorization from your instructor. Complete an Application for Tutoring and bring it to your instructor for approval. When you return it to the CLC, we will set up your tutoring schedule with you.

Due to the high volume of Foreign Language tutoring, appointments may be made two weeks in advance. Make sure that you make your next appointments at the end of each tutoring session!

An important objective of the Foreign Language department is to prepare students linguistically for the new, global economy through the study of foreign languages, literatures, and civilizations. Courses are intended to benefit students who desire to broaden themselves intellectually as well as to experience personal enjoyment and satisfaction. To obtain more information, visit the Foreign Language Department’s website.

Faculty / Tutor Coordinator: Jenny Lin, Foreign Languages and Literature