American AssociationAmerican Association of Community Colleges: a national association of community colleges which represents almost 1,200 two-year, associate degree–granting institutions and more than 11 million students. The site contains information on conferences, events, curriculum tools, grants, links, and publications.

Campus CompactCampus Compact: a national coalition of more than 1,100 college and university presidents - representing some 6 million students - dedicated to promoting community service, civic engagement, and service-learning in higher education. The site contains information about publications, journals, conferences, national initiatives, research, and funding opportunities, as well as links to each of the state Compacts.

Learn and ServeLearn and Serve America: supports and encourages service-learning throughout the United States and enables over 1 million students to make meaningful contributions to their community by building their academic and civic skills. The site contains tools and information for educators and community partners on effective practices, grants, and publications.

NSIPNational Service Inclusion Project(NSIP): is a Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) training and technical assistance provider. Through comprehensive training, technical assistance, and product dissemination, NSIP strives to ensure meaningful service experiences for all Americans, regardless of their abilities.

National Service-Learning ClearinghouseNational Service-Learning Clearinghouse: a resource for service–learning materials, references, referrals, and information.

New York Campus CompactThe New York Campus Compact: a membership association of college and university presidents across New York State committed to promoting “active citizenship as an aim of higher education.” The site contains information on conferences, grants, publications, and a service-learning toolkit.

New York MAPSThe New York Metro Area Partnership for Service-Learning (NYMAPS): a coalition of colleges, universities and community-based organizations dedicated to realizing the civic mission of higher education and to advancing service-learning and other forms of civic engagement across the New York Metro Area. The site contains information on local meetings and events. an online resource for finding volunteer opportunities and for encouraging volunteers to develop "do-it-yourself" projects. The site is managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service

Service-Learning Journals
The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers publishes Civic Engagement, a magazine that seeks to deepen the discourse about, and underscore our shared commitment to, public service. Civic Engagement features the exemplars of public service—people and projects—as well as publications, other resources for “doing” public service, and personal reflections. Submissions are welcome.

The Journal for Civic Commitment is a twice-yearly, online journal dedicated to service learning and civic engagement, published by the Community College National Center for Community Engagement. All submitted articles are peer-reviewed by the Journal’s Editorial Board, which includes experts in the field of service learning and civic engagement.

Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by North Carolina Campus Compact and hosted by Appalachian State University. The articles in this journal focus on how theories and practices can inform and improve community and campus partnerships, connections, and collaborations. Studies co-authored by faculty, students, and/or community partners; or examining practices across disciplines or campuses; or exploring international networks are all encouraged.

The Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) is a peer-reviewed international journal through which faculty, staff, students, and community partners disseminate scholarly works. JCES integrates teaching, research, and community engagement in all disciplines, addressing critical problems identified through a community-participatory process.

Columbia releases the International Undergraduate Journal for Service-Learning, and Social Change, as a way to showcase articles written by undergraduates.  These articles can range from case studies of service-learning projects to reflection pieces on service-learning and the development of personal leadership.

Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement
Partnerships is a journal released by North Carolina Campus Compact.  The journal recognizes that successful engaged learning depends on effective partnerships between students, faculty, community agencies, administrators, disciplines, and more. The articles in this peer-reviewed journal focus on how theories and practices can inform and improve such partnerships, connections, and collaborations. Studies co-authored by faculty, students, and/or community partners; or examining practices across disciplines or campuses; or exploring international networks are all encouraged.

Community Works Institute has been publishing their online journal, Community Works Journal, since 1995.  Each issue they highlights the importance of service and sustainability to a meaningful education.  They hold a belief to inspire by example and highlight stories, models, and resources intended for that purpose.  If you would like to be updated of new issues of the magazine please click here to subscribe to their newsletter.

Purdue’s ePubs are two new Service-Learning reflection journals available for download, and it’s free! These academic tools were created to help students with Service-Learning and Academic Community Engagement assignments and projects. One of the journals titled Service-Learning Reflection Journal, consisting of more than 100 pages, provides a guide for Service-Learning projects that may last from a few days to a few weeks. One of the items it offers is a quantitative assessment for the beginning and the end of the Service-Learning project. The journal has reflection assignments to help prepare for the Service-Learning project, as well as the conclusion of the project.

The second journal, the International Service-Learning Reflection Journal, is specifically created for international study abroad courses. It provides pre-entry assignments and re-entry assignments to help with the reflective process. The journal also has a quantitative assessment for the beginning and end of the project.



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