How to forward Tigermail instructions

1. Login to TigerMail, and click "Options" in the upper-right corner
image 1

2. In the Options dialog, click "Rules"
image 2

3. Click "New Rule".
image 3

4. Click "Create New Rule for Arriving Messages".
image 4

5. Enter a name for the rule. You can name it anything you want. It is called "Forward Email" as an example.
image 5

6. Click "Forward or redirect ….".
image 6

7. Choose "Forward the message to people or distribution lists".
image 7

8. Click "people or distribution lists".
image 8

9. Enter the destination email address and click "OK". Use your personal email account.
image 9

10. Optional - You can also have the messages deleted after being forwarded. This will prevent your mailbox from filing up. If you don't have it automatically delete messages and you don't periodically login to Outlook Web Access to clear your mail, your mailbox will eventually become full and no email will be received or forwarded. If you choose to delete your mail, QCC will not have a copy of your mail to backup.
image 10

11. Once you are done, click save.
image 11

12. Outlook Web Access will prompt you to be sure that you're aware that your rule will affect ALL incoming messages. Click "OK".
image 12

13. You are done. Your email will now be forwarded to your personal address, ( in this example). If you have chosen the delete option, you will not need to login to TigerMail to clean out your email.

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