Faculty Blackboard Information

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How do I access Blackboard?

All courses using Blackboard at Queensborough will reside in Blackboard 9.1. Access to Blackboard is via the CUNY Portal

As a Faculty Member, what support is available to me?

The Academic Computing Center is open for Blackboard support from 9am-5pm Monday-Fridays. Contact QCC Blackboard Support by email for assistance. In addition, CUNY has a Blackboard 9.1 support site for your perusal, here.

Blackboard Online Tutorials

CUNY has provided a host of Blackboard 9.1 User Guides for Faculty, available for you to access here.

CUNY has provided a series of Blackboard 9.1 Training Workshop Recordings, available for you to access here

What if I need to create a username & password?

Only a student, faculty, or staff member can create their own username & password for the CUNY Portal. Instructions are available on this web site to help you create your account. Follow the link below


What if I can't remember my Username? Or Password? Or I'm just not sure?

Here are just some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Blackboard Support gets on a daily basis. For more FAQs, visit the Blackboard FAQ page.

• What if I can't remember my username?

You can follow the instructions on the Portal Username page to find your username for the CUNY Portal & Blackboard.

• What if I can't remember my password?

Because Blackboard gets its password from the CUNY Portal which is a SECURE system, you will have to reset or request a NEW password from the CUNY Portal. Queensborough DOES NOT have access to your password.

Follow the instructions exactly as written on the Portal Password page to reset or request a NEW password.