Please be guided by the following snow emergency closing procedures:

Upon a determination by President Diane B. Call that the college will be closed and/or that certain operations will be suspended, the appropriate school closing notification procedures will be implemented:

The following individuals will be notified of the President’s decision and in turn will contact their respective faculty Chairpersons and/or Directors whose responsibility it will be to notify staff and faculty members within their departments:

Sherri Newcomb V.P for Finance and Administration
Ellen Hartigan, V.P. for Student Affairs
Rosemary Sullivan Zins, V.P. for Institutional Advancement
Karen Steele, Interim V.P. for Academic Affairs

All departments are encouraged to organize a telephone chain and program their voice mail and automated attendant to transmit their notifications. Following these procedures will help to ensure that as many faculty and staff members as possible will be notified of emergency information in a timely manner.

A campus emergency telephone voice mail message will be posted informing callers of school closings, delayed openings and/or other relevant information. Messages can be accessed by calling 718-631-6262.

Snow/Weather Emergency information is also posted on the QCC website.

A campus email will be sent to faculty and staff, and a Tiger Mail message to students informing them of school closing details.

Based upon a decision of the President and/or Vice President for Finance and Administration, emergency closing information will also be transmitted through the “CUNY Alert” system. Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to join CUNY Alert to receive text or voice notifications of campus emergencies or weather related closings. Sign up is a simple process at

Announcements of school closings will also be broadcast or web-posted on several radio/television stations. At present, these stations are:

WINS 1010 AM
NY1 Channel 1
WNBC-TV Channel 4
WNYW FOX Channel 5  

Department Chairpersons and Department Directors

Please ensure that all members of your respective departments are familiar with these emergency procedures. Due to the heavy volume of telephone calls, the Public Safety Office is not equipped to activate your departments’ telephone chain systems.

If there are any questions regarding these procedures, please contact the Public Safety Office at 718-631-6320 during the workday.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in this matter.

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Workplace Violence Prevention