International Students

Queensborough Community College Laser and Fiber Optics Engineering Technology LFOET 2-year Program welcomes International student applications.   

An international student could work as a technician upon graduation.  

The LFOET Program trains a student (local and international) to be a competent skilled technician.  After working as a technician or directly continuing to complete a BS program a student would qualify to work as an engineer upon completing the BS degree.  After working as an engineer or directly continuing to complete a PhD program a student would qualify to work as a scientist, senior engineer, etc.  

Our LFOET Program has student transfer-continuation agreement with Hunter College Physics Department such that the Queensborough laser and fiber optics credits are accepted.  Queensborough also has a TOEFL class helping those that need help in English. A Student who successfully completes the POE-TOEFL class could be granted a TOEFL Waiver Certificate to be enrolled in the LFOET Program.

Interested applicants should contact  We are part of New York City which is well known for its diversity.  There are over 100 languages being spoken by Queensborough’s students.  Department has faculty speaking Chinese as well, please contact



不管是当地的还是国际学生, 激光光纤工程技术专业培养他们成为有竞争力,有技术的技师.我们的学生两年毕业后可以有资格立即从事技师工作, 也可以选择继续完成本科学位,硕士学位或博士学位.完成本科学位后可以从事工程师工作,完成博士学位后可以从事科学家或者高级工程师工作.


我们学院设有英语培训班帮助国际学生提高英语,可以在短期内有效提高听,讲,读,写英语的能力.学生可以凭借英语培训班直接签发的I-20来美. 凡成功完成托福英文班的学生可以不需要托福成绩申请入读我们的专业.

我们位于纽约市的皇后区,这里的人来自世界各地.我们的学生讲一百多种语言. 我们非常欢迎你们的申请!



For QCC TOEFL Program, please click here and click here:

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