February 17, 2009
This e-newsletter is being launched to provide details about the implementation of the Freshman Academies and to answer questions about the implementation. Each issue of FAQ, which will be disseminated on a regular basis to the campus community, will be topic-specific and will address such topics as organizational structure and staffing. Questions about each topic, as well as suggestions for future topics, are encouraged. Answers will be provided in subsequent issues and will build onto the Q&A that will reside on the QCC website.
Questions can be emailed to: faq@qcc.cuny.edu

In This Issue:
Focus on Faculty Coordinators
Meet the Faculty Coordinators
Why we are Introducing Freshman Academies
Freshman Academies Overview
Freshman Academies Areas of Study

Next Issue:  How the Freshman Coordinator will interact with the Faculty Coordinator. Future issues:  The Role of the Freshman Coordinator; focus on each of the six academies.

Why we are Introducing Freshman Academies in the fall of 2009
  • To provide a coordinated student services and academic undergraduate experience
  • To improve the retention and graduation rates of our students
  • To build students’ commitment to their future education and lifelong careers
When new students arrive on campus in August, they will receive a comprehensive orientation and visit the designated location for their academy to meet the academy support staff.  Participating in a Freshman Academy will help guide students through their first two semesters and make it easier for them to feel at home on campus, meet people, and get the best advice.  By the time they have finished their first two semesters, they will have a better understanding of, and deeper commitment to, their future education and career goals.
Starting in August of 2009, under the supervision of Dean Michele Cuomo in the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Coordinator for each Freshman Academy will:
work with department chairs to identify and schedule high impact learning experiences and dedicated academy course sections;
work with CETL to ensure that faculty development needs related to academy-based teaching/learning initiatives are met;
maintain ongoing communication among faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs on the assessment of intended Academy outcomes;
serve as a communicative bridge between the faculty and the student support services through the Freshman Coordinator;
coordinate assessment of curricular activities associated with the academies;
direct projects which receive grant funds through the academies; and
work closely with the Freshman Coordinators and other Student Affairs personnel on the promotion of the Academies to incoming students via new student events (including the Freshman orientation program, FRESHMEN FIRST) and will assist in the design of appropriate academic advisement and course registration for incoming freshmen.
Academy Faculty Coordinators have been selected from among the full-time faculty of the College. Deviations from this expectation will be discussed with the academy’s steering committee.


The assignment of academy Faculty Coordinators will be determined by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Generally, the time period will extend from the beginning of the academic year in September and will continue through Commencement.


The workload of academy Faculty Coordinators will be assigned six faculty-load credits per semester for which the Coordinator will receive a reassigned time allocation, be paid a stipend at an appropriate rate of pay, or a combination of the two. In instances where it is desirable to have a Coordinator work during the summer, the Coordinator and the Vice President for Academic Affairs will agree upon an appropriate level of salary compensation.

The Freshman Academies - Overview
Beginning in the fall of 2009, all first-time, full-time students at Queensborough will participate in a Freshman Academy based on their chosen area of study.
  • Students will participate in at least two high impact learning experiences which are designed to improve retention and graduation rates (i.e. conducting service learning projects, engaging in cornerstone courses, participating in learning communities, developing e-portfolios and pursuing writing intensive courses).
  • Students may attend special events and field trips related to their Freshman Academy to reinforce their classroom learning (i.e. trips to museums, performances, manufacturing companies, laboratories, etc.) 

  • Students will be assigned to a Freshman Coordinator. The Freshman Coordinator is oriented by the academy Faculty Coordinator, selected members of the academy faculty and key Student Affairs personnel to make sure that students take the right classes, speak to the appropriate staff about their academic and social needs, are directed to suitable tutors, and take advantage of all the resources Queensborough has to offer.

  • Each Freshman Academy will have a dedicated space where the Freshman Coordinator will be located. Academy students will meet with their Freshman Coordinator at these locations.

  • Each Freshman Academy will have a Faculty Coordinator whose role is to collaborate and communicate with Department Chairs, faculty, Student Affairs, Freshman Coordinators and students regarding high-impact learning experiences, faculty teaching/learning initiatives, academic advisement and course registration. 

Please address your question on the Faculty Coordinator, or suggestion for a future topic, to:  faq@qcc.cuny.edu. Your question will be answered via email and will be included in the next issue of FAQ.

The Freshman Academies - Areas of Study
  1. Freshman Academy for Business
  2. Freshman Academy for Education
  3. Freshman Academy for STEM  (Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics)
  4. Freshman Academy for Liberal Arts
  5. Freshman Academy for Visual and Performing Arts
  6. Freshman Academy for Health Related Sciences
Freshman Academy for Business
___ Accounting
___ Business Administration
___ Computer Information Systems
___ Health Care Office Administration
___ Management
___ Microsoft Office Applications Proficiency Preparation
___ Office Administration and Technology
___ School Secretary

Freshman Academy for Education
___ Childhood Education
___ Day Care Assistant

Freshman Academy for STEM 
(Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics)

Science & Mathematics:
___ Liberal Arts and Sciences (Mathematics & Science)
___ Science for Forensics

Engineering & Technology:
___ Computer Engineering Technology
___ Computerized Architectural and Industrial Design
___ Computerized Manufacturing Technology
___ Electronic Engineering Technology
___ Engineering Science
___ Laser & Fiber Optics Technology
___ Mechanical Engineering Technology
___ New Media Technology
___ Telecommunications Technology

Freshman Academy for Liberal Arts
___ Criminal Justice
___ Liberal Arts and Sciences
      English, Foreign Languages, History, Social Sciences:

Freshman Academy for Visual and Performing Arts
____ Digital Art & Design
____ Gallery and Museum Studies 
____ Music Electronic Technology
____ Visual and Performing Arts:
        Art, Photography, Dance, Music, Theatre Arts

Freshman Academy for Health Related Sciences
____ Environmental Health
____ Health Sciences
____ Massage Therapy
____ Medical Office Assistant
____ Nursing

Freshman Academy Faculty Coordinators 2009-2010
Freshman Academy for Business
  Office Location* Extension

Dr. Jonas Falik, Professor and Chair, Business 
A 405 6245
Ms. Christine Mooney, Assistant Professor, Business A 405 5404
Freshman Academy for Education
Ms. Renee Rhodd, Articulation Coordinator of Education with Queens College  M 125  6027
Freshman Academy for Health Related Sciences

Ms. Alexandra Tarasko, Professor, Nursing
M 322 6085
Freshman Academy for Liberal Arts

Dr. Peter Bales, Associate Professor, Social Sciences and History
M 404 5031

Dr. Anne Marie-Bourbon, Professor,
Foreign Languages and Literatures
H 220 5373

Dr. Megan Elias, Assistant Professor, History 
M 409  5052

Mr. David Rothman, Instructor,
Basic Educational Skills 
H 324  5216

Dr. Linda Stanley, Professor, English   
H 416 5475
Freshman Academy for STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics)

Dr. Moni Chauhan, Associate Professor, Chemistry 
S 443 5573
Mr. Robert Kueper, Associate Professor, Electrical
and Computer Engineering Technology
T8 5246
Freshman Academy for Visual and Performing Arts
Ms. Georgia McGill, Associate Professor, Speech Communications and Theatre Arts H 125 5370

*The Faculty Coordinators will continue to be housed in their Academic Offices; they will not reside in the Freshman Academy designated locations.