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This e-newsletter provides details and addresses your questions about the implementation of the Freshman Academies. Each issue of FAQ is topic-specific and will address such topics as organizational structure and staffing. Questions about each topic, as well as suggestions for future topics, are encouraged. Answers will be provided in subsequent issues and will be added to the Q&A that will reside on the QCC website.
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February 17, 2009: Meet the Faculty Coordinators
March 4, 2009: How Freshman Coordinators Interact with Faculty
March 18, 2009: Meet the Freshman Coordinators
April 21, 2009: Introducing the Freshman Academy for
Visual and Performing Arts
June 1, 2009: The Freshman Academy for Education
September 24, 2009: The Freshman Academy for Business
February 23, 2010: The Freshman Academy for
Health Related Sciences
April 8, 2010: The Freshman Academy for
Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics