Dr. Joseph Nagler


Dr. Nagler's primary area of research explores the inclusion of technology in the therapy process. This research focuses on people with severe and profound physical limitations. His research investigates the use of music to promote language development with autistic children.

A professor of music therapy and music education at Queensborough, Dr. Nagler is a Certified Music Therapist and a New York State Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT). He serves on the Editorial board of the Journal of Biomusical Engineering, is a senior researcher for New Technology Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in the Bronx, and is a voting member of NARAS.

Dr. Nagler is the author of On Music and Health. He has also published numerous articles and book chapters on music, music therapy, and music technology. As a composer, Dr. Nagler has been featured on several bestselling CD titles, as well as recordings for television and radio.

Dr. Nagler holds a bachelor's degree in education from Brooklyn College, a master's degree from New York University in music therapy, and a doctor of arts degree from New York University. Professor Nagler was a pre-doctoral NIH Fellow in rehabilitation medicine at the Rusk Institute for Rehabilitation, NYU Medical Center. Dr. Nagler was also the director of research at the Center for Research in the Arts & Medicine, New York University's Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Email: JNagler@qcc.cuny.edu
Phone: 718.281.5119