Allan Kashkin

Associate Professor

Program Director: Music Production

Visionary Allan Kashkin founded the enormously successful Music Electronic Technology program at QCC over 20 years ago. He has been the director of that program ever since, and a generation of students has regarded him as a much beloved professor, advisor, and mentor.

He brings the unique perspective of a composer, arranger, musical director, active musician, engineer, producer and independent studio owner to the classrooms at QCC. He has over 125 professional and college theatrical productions to his credit, and has made television appearances as Musical Director for the Variety Children's Charity Telethon. As a pianist, he has performed with such artists as Julie Budd and most recently with his wife Sara Zahn.

He earned his Master of Arts in Music from NYU, where he studied composition and electronic music. CUNY granted him Doctoral Equivalency for lifetime achievements as a Professional Musician and Musical Director.

Phone: 718.631.6055