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Served on the departmental committees (2011 – present)

  1.  2011 - 2014: Curriculum Committee, headed by Dr. Carolyn King – with the help of the other committee members I completed the following tasks: modifications of course MA-440 Precalculus assignments for the Pathways; rewriting the MA120 syllabus; approving a syllabus of ‘Algebra Warmups’
  2.  2012 - 2013: College Algebra Review Committee, headed by Dr. Karan Puri– I worked on the syllabus of two new mathematics courses MA119 and MA121.
  3. 2011: Final Grade Review Committee, headed by Dr. Dona Boccio (2011 – 2012) – I reviewed the final grade of a student who appealed to this committee.
  4. 2011 - 2013: PDC - Professional Development Committee, With the permission of Dr. Mona Fabricant, I initiated the Professional Development Committee for the Mathematics and Computer Science Department in Fall 2011.  I am currently heading this committee, and I hope that with the collaboration of the other members of the committee, we will make significant contributions to the professional development of the faculty of our department as a whole. 

The goal of the Professional Development Committee, as directed by Dr. Fabricant, is to create an opportunity to integrate the new faculty into the department and the college by introducing them to the various resources available and to expose them to the recent exciting developments in the subfields of mathematics education, mathematics, statistics and computer science. This committee has two subcommittees as follows. 

a.  2012 - present: Seminars and Colloquiums subcommittee: As a member of this subcommittee, I coordinate the colloquiums and seminar series. The colloquiums and seminars are funded with a grant amount of $1000 from the Academic Affair at Queensborough Community College.    

The goal of this subcommittee is to encourage and facilitate collaboration of the mathematics and computer science faculty on three levels: (1) disciplinary collaboration among the department, (2) interdisciplinary collaboration among the QCC faculties, (3) and collaboration with the mathematics faculty of other institutions, in particular the other CUNY colleges.  

We also invite QCC students to our seminars and colloquia, which they often attend. For this reason, we always try to keep the talks introductory and accessible to the students.

Outcomes of this subcommittee: With the help of the other members of the committee, we have succeeded in obtaining fifteen speakers during two semesters, Spring 2011 and Fall 2012, to present their research in mathematics, mathematics education, as well as to present the outcomes of their service learning techniques in mathematics courses. Two of these speakers were invited from outside QCC: Prof. B. Kalantari of Rutgers University; and Dr. C. Hanusa of Queens College. We have already invited two more outside speakers for the coming semester.

b.   2012 - present: PDC - Website subcommittee:  To attain the goals of the Professional Development Committee, I have created a homepage for the PDC under my own homepage. I update this page constantly by posting information to our faculty on (1) upcoming mathematics seminars and colloquiums at QCC, and at local institutions including the other CUNY colleges; (2) upcoming and recent professional events, such workshops and local, national, and international conferences in mathematics, mathematics education, and computer science; (3) names of faculty who have been awarded grants, scholarships, or prizes (4) faculty publications, (5) resources for awards, grants, and scholarships in math and math education, (6) mathematics and mathematics education journals, and (7) mathematics organizations including AMS- American Mathematical Society and MAA-Mathematical Association of America.  

    We hope to develop the PDC website by posting more relevant information and resources that can meet the professional needs of current and future faculty.


    Served on the college committees (2011 – present)

    • 2012 - 2013: Cooperative Education Coordinator for the Mathematics and Computer Science Department                                                                  I worked closely with the Internship Coordinator and the Placement Advisor Ms Sussane Grossman and the director of The Office of Career Services Ms Constance Peluso. On part of my responsibility is to attract the QCC students for both paid and unpaid mathematics and computer science internship programs.
      • 2011 - 2012: Students Activities Committee, headed by Dr. Ted Rosen.

        With the suggestion of Dr. Rosen I contacted Dr Emily Tai to determine which committee(s) has (have) jurisdiction over the updating of the brochure entitled “Invest in Success: A Guide to Academic Support and Tutoring Service.” I also co-organized the workshop on “The Value of Academic Competitions”, presented by the Student Activities Committee, May 2012.

        • 2011: (ASAP) Accelerated Study in Associate Programs Extension Steering Committee, November 2011 – December 2011, directed by Ms Barbara Brauer.

          My responsibility in this committee was mainly centered on the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, such as (1) inquiring the department the number of ASAP math sections would be offered for incoming ASAP students in the summer and fall 2012 semesters (2) to attract the math faculty in teaching ASAP math sections, (3) and attract the math untenured faculty to become ASAP faculty mentors.  

              Service to the QCC students (2011 - present)

              I have organized and presented the following workshops.

              • 2012:  I voluntarily organized two workshops on Oct. 31st, 2012 and Nov. 7th, 2012 for our computer science major students for the purpose of introducing and attracting them to an internship program. In these workshops I helped the students create their resumes online for both paid and unpaid internship programs.  Several students who attended these workshops presented and submitted their resumes to the employers that were present in the internship forum on Nov. 14th, 2012.
              •  2012:  I was a speaker at “Math Study Skill Workshop”, co-presented by Dr. Mercedes Franco of Mathematics and Computer Science Department at QCC, and co-sponsored by CSTEP Club, Nov. 28, 2012. 


                Service to the mathematical community (2011 – present)

                • Invited Referee and Reviewer. I have refereed and reviewed papers and books in applied and pure mathematics for the following national and international journals. The invitation letters are provided for your review.
                1. 2013, Axioms
                2. 2012, The Journal of Applied Functional Analysis
                3. 2012, Acta Mathematica-Springer, under the Royal Swedish Academy of Science
                4. 2012, Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathemtics
                5. 2012, Zentralblatt MATH of Germany
                6. 2012, Palestine Journal of Mathematics
                7. 2011, The Journal of Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing
                8. 2009 - present, The Mathematical Reviews (MR) of the American Math. Society (AMS)
                9. 2011, The Journal of Abstract and Applied Analysis
                • 2012: Conferences co-organized. I co-organized with A. Iosevich a special session at the Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting of the AMS - American Mathematics Society, Rochester Institute of Technology, Sep. 22-23, 2012.
                • 2013: Co-organizing student seminar at the Graduate Center of CUNY, Fall 2013. I am co-organizing with Arthur Parzygnat a graduate student seminar entitled "Mathematics and Physics Seminar".