Suggested Sequence for Computer Science Majors

The following is reprinted from the 2008-2009 QCC Catalog. Please consult it for more details than are provided below. ***

The following program provides an appropriate background for students
planning advanced study in Computer Science. It is suggested as a sample
only, and the student may make other choices in courses and sequence.
Students planning to major in computer science are advised to consult with
the Department and their academic advisers as soon as possible after
entering Queensborough for guidance in planning a program.

A minimum of 60 credits is required for the A.S. degree. See Programs
of Study
in the QCC Catalog for degree requirements.

Semester 1


English Composition I (EN-101) 3
History (HI-110, 111, 112) 3
Fundamentals of Speech (SP-211) 3
Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (MA-441) 4
Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (MA-471) 3
 Sub-total 16

Semester 2 


English Composition II (EN-102) 3
Social Science Elective 3
Physical Education or Dance 1
Analytical Geometry and Calculus II (MA-442) 4
Algorithmic Problem Solving 1 (CS-101) 4
Sub-total 15

Semester 3


History/Social Science or Humanities Elective 3
Foreign Language or Mathematics (MA-443 or MA-461) 4
Laboratory Science 4-5***
Algorithmic Problem Solving 2 (CS-203) 4
Sub-total 15-16

Semester 4


Health Education (HE-101 or 102) 1-2
Foreign Language or Mathematics or Science 3-4
Computers Organization and Assembly Language (CS-201) 4
Probability and Statistics (MA-481) 3
Advised electives 3-4

Total Credits Required for the A.S. Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Computer Science and Mathematics).......... 60

***Note that the credits required for "Laboratory Science" are listed here as 4-5, which differs from that found on page 171 of the catalog. The requirements listed on page 75 state a 4-5 credit requirement, and this requirement supersedes that listed in the suggested outline found on page 171.

See Understanding Program Requirements of the current QCC Catalog for more information.