Letter from the Director

If you have been reading my "Letter from the Director" all these years, you would know that my interest in STEAM** is imbedded throughout the classes in the Kids & Teens College program.

This past summer, The Teens College Summer Academy held its first Engineering and  Artful Architecture  class in the STEMNICITY program, along with the very successful Coding and Scientific Researchers classes. I am very proud of the STEMNICITY Program and I look forward to adding more Art into the program next summer.

Speaking of STEAM, I am proud to announce our first music cl ass for our students! Our very own Coding Academy teacher Jessica lngrassellino also teaches music! The new class, called, String and Wind Ensemble will accept students ages 9+ and perform a concert for their friends and family at the end of the semester! Check it out!

**STEAM ties ALL the subjects to each other in an interdisciplinary way. It is a life-long career and life­-readiness way of educating and learning that is adaptable to the rapidly changing global world we live in. Georgette Yakman is the founding researcher and creator of STEAM Education.

Teens College Code Academy

Teens College Code Academy (All Teen Grades)

Jessica lngrasselino, Ed.D

Do you have an interest in web design and computer science?  This class will cover the basics of programming fundamentals, mobile development, robotics, web development and design. We will cover programs such as Java and Python with gaming and app development projects.

This course can be a great prerequisite for our Teens College Summer Coding Academy.

CLX-480             9 sessions (18 hours) / $240 / Sat., March 3-May 12 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

SA-B           BEGINNER - 9:30-11:30am

SP-1           INTERMEDIATE - 12:30-2:30pm Note: Must have taken Coding Class previously.

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String & Wind Ensemble (age 9+)

String & Wind Ensemble (age 9+)

Jessica lngrassellino, Ed.D., Music Education and Assessment

The String and Wind ensemble will accept students ages 9+ years who have played their instrument for LONGER than one year in school OR in private lessons. The students will gather for rehearsals and, on the final class, perform a concert for family and friends.

Prerequisite: Students need to have documentation that shows they are able to sight read at a

NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) Grade 2 level.

CLX-428      SP / 9 sessions (13.5 hours) / $280 / Sat, 3-4:30pm, March 3-May 12 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

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Academic Enrichment

Reading & Writing Prep (grades 1 & 2)

Linda Hart, MS, NYC DOE teacher

This course will give students the foundation to begin writing as a source of expression, reflection and personal development. They will further their appreciation of literature and learn to master their vocabulary and comprehension skills. Curriculum will be according to each grade.

CLX-235 SA / 7 sessions (10.5 hours) / $120 / Sat., 9:15am-10:45am, March 3-April 28 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

Mathematics Prep (grades 1 & 2)

Linda Hart, MS, NYC DOE teacher

Students will be encouraged to approach math in a fun and interactive way while strengthening their mathematics and problem solving skills, by working with numbers, operations, money. Curriculum will be according to each grade.

CLX-222 SA / 7 sessions (10.5 hours) / $120 / Sat., 10:45am-12:15pm, March 3-April 28 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

Kid's Art from the HeART (Pre-K thru Second Grade)

Lisa Scandaliato,  BFA; Assistant  Director; QCC Art Gallery

Express yourself in a creative manner through painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture. Look at the works created by famous artists and create works in their style. Use conventional objects in non- conventional ways by creating three-dimensional pieces using recycled materials.

CLX-113 SA / 7 sessions (10.5 hours) / $110 / Sat., 12:30-2pm, March 3-April 28 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

STEM: Apprentice Engineers! (grades 3-6)

Cristianna Colella, BA, MA (pending); Research Assistant & Adjunct Lecturer; Queens College

Are you science obsessed?  Do you love solving math problems of all kinds?  Explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by becoming an "Apprentice Engineer". Work on projects (change each semester) related to engineering, electricity, light, ecosystems and other scientific topics. A supply fee of $35 is required on the first day of class payable to instructor

CLX-204      SP / 9 sessions (13.5 hours) / $200 / Sat., 12:30-2pm, March 3-May 12 (skip 3/31, 4/7)

NYS Mandated Assessment English Language Arts (ELA) Test (grades 3 - 8)

Test: April 11-17

Focus on test segments, essay responses to oral and written passages dealing with listening, comprehension and writing.

CLX-280 SP-3-8 / 4 sessions (8 hours) / $200 / Sat., 10:15am-12:15pm, March 3-24

NYS Mandated Assessment Mathematics Test (grades 3 - 8)

Test: May 1-8

Review and practice the required skills measured by the new exam, with emphasis on problem solving.

CLX-290 SP-3-8 / 3 sessions (7.5 hours) / $190 / Sat., 10am-12:30pm, April 14-28

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Contact us:

Jacqueline Montgomery, Program Director

Office of Pre-College, Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Library Building, Room L-118P



Dorine Touwsma, Program Coordinator

Office of Pre-College, Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Library Building, Room L-118P



  1. Register in person with a check or credit card
  2. Call using a credit card -Dorine at 718-281-5455 Tuesdays-Saturdays 9-1pm
  3. Call main office using a credit card at 718-631-6343

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