Questions about How to Complete the Forms

  1. What is my EMPLID?

One way to look up your EMPLID on CUNYfirst is to go to:

Self Service – This is on the top left corner of your screen.  Next click on

Payroll and Compensation – This allows you to see employment data such as your compensation history.  Click on

Compensation History – You will see one or more job descriptions.  Click on any job title.  A screen with position  information will be displayed starting with:

Compensation History

John Doe

From mm/dd/yyyy To: mm/dd/yyyy

Employee Job Information
Empl ID: Your 8 digit EMPLID will be shown here

This is the number you will need to complete your form for changes to your access.


  1. Who signs under Business Owner Approval?

Signatories depend upon the type of access requested.

Financial Aid  - Veronica Lukas, Director or Mary Ann Langbart, Associate Director 

General Ledger – Miguel Quiroz, Finance Manager

HCM – Ellen Adams, Director of Personnel or Sangeeta Noel, Director of Faculty and Staff Relations 

         Procurement - William Faulkner, Associate Dean for Business and Financial Services

         Student Records – Ann Tullio, Registrar 

         Student Financials – Victor Bifani, Bursar


  1. Who gets my form after it is signed?

Contact the Information Technology Department by calling (718) 631-6273 to have your form processed.


  1. How will I be notified when the change has been completed?

 An e-mai will be sent to your campus email address from: DO-NOT-REPLY@CUNYFIRST.CUNY.EDU