PE-520 Course Syllabus

PE 520 Beginning Swimming

Credit hours: 2 hours, 1 credit

Course description: This course will teach non-swimmers and/or fearful swimmers how to relax in the water. In addition, students will begin basic swimming skills e.g. breath control, floating, crawl stroke and backstroke.

Education Objectives:

education objectives
General educational objectives addressed by this course: Course activities that help to meet general education objectives

1. Students will communicate effectively through writing, listening, and speaking

Students will learn basic water safety skills and knowledge through, lecture, text, media, and skill demonstration and practice

2. Students will work collaboratively in diverse groups directed at accomplishing learning objectives

Students will work with partners or with groups in practicing skills and participating in structured activities

3. Students will integrate knowledge and skills across disciplines

Students will describe the impact of aquatics participation on personal health and wellness

Specific Course Objectives:

  1. Students will describe and demonstrate aquatic safety rules

    • Written quizzes, skill tests, practical application

  2. 2. Students will demonstrate 2 or more ways of entering and exiting the pool

    • Written quizzes, skill tests, practical application

  3. 3. Students will demonstrate basic aquatic skills and swimming strokes

    • Skill tests, written quizzes

  4. 4. Students will demonstrate confidence in and around the water

    • Skill tests, activities, practice with peers

  5. 5. Students will successfully participate in all classes

    • Attendance, group and partner work, skill tests, instructor observation

VI. Course Requirements and Assessments

General Expectations:

  1. Students must wear appropriate swim gear (bathing suit, swim cap)
  2. Students will not wear loose jewelry in the pool area
  3. Students are expected to attend class on time and participate in all activities Attendance policy:

Attendance policy:

Students are expected to attend every class. Missing classes may put students at a disadvantage in completing the course successfully. Unexcused absences in excess of 2 will result in a deduction of 10 points off of your final numerical grade. With prior knowledge of scheduled participation in QCC sanctioned sports, religious observances, etc., early departures or absences may be excused with written documentation and the approval of the instructor. It is the responsibility of the student to provide instructors with PRIOR written notification of absences due to participation in QCC Sports. Absences due to illness or injury may be excused with email notification prior to class, and written documentation from a physician on the day of return. No late make up work will be accepted for unexcused absences.

Note: According to College requirements, if you miss five unexcused hours (21/2 classes) of this class you are considered excessively absent. Absences beyond this point may result in a failing grade.

Cell phones, pagers, iPods, PDAs and other electronic equipment are not permitted in class unless prior approval is given by the instructor.

VII. Class evaluation:

Swim & water safety knowledge: 25
Swim skills: 25
Homework: 10
Active participation: 25
Attendance: 15
100 points

Grade interpretation:

94-100 = A
90-93 = A-
86-89 = B+
83-85 = B
80-82 = B-
76-79 = C+
73-75 = C
70-72 = C-
Below 70 = F

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