PE-416 Course Syllabus

Weight Lifting

Credits: 1 Credit

HPED Dept. Phone (718) 631-6322

HPED Fax (718) 631-6333

Course Description

This is a one credit Physical Education Class. The primary activity will be weightlifting with stretching, and cardio exercises. We will also discuss proper lifting technique, nutrition, weight lifting myths, steroids, wt. management, differences between men and women's training

Technology Requirements

You will need access to a computer with high speed internet access. A CUNY tiger email and Blackboard account is required as lecture notes, assignments and readings will be posted blackboard. All email communication MUST be through QCC accounts.

Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class

Course Objectives Students

  1. Will be able to perform correct strength training techniques
  2. Explain the effects of performance enhancing supplements
  3. Describe the difference between a healthy and unhealthy diet
  4. Perform correct stretching exercises
  5. Demonstrate five abdominal exercise
  6. Explain the difference between strength and endurance
  7. Describe the benefits of strength training

General Education Objectives

  1. Communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening and speaking
  2. Use analytical reasoning to identify issues or problems and evaluate evidence in order to make informed decisions
  3. Integrate knowledge and skills in their program of study
  4. Reason quantitatively and mathematically as required in their fields of interest and in everyday life
  5. Work collaboratively in diverse groups directed at accomplishing learning objectives

Required Text: There is no required text. All material will be posted on Black Board.

1. Grading

Class attendance 60 Points (5 x 12) Exercise Demonstration 10 Points

Take home exam 80 Points

You will receive five points for each day you attend class and actively participate and Record your activities for a total of 65 points. You only receive points if you record your activity for each day. Recording sheets can remain in the Weight Room or can be taken home. However if you lose your sheet you are out the points. You can have two identical sheets. During the 11th through 14th weeks you will have to demonstrate and exercise that can be done with "at home" or no equipment. You are permitted two absences without any loss of points.

For the 3rd absence there is a five point penalty, 4th absence a ten point penalty 5th = failure Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class

You are expected to perform at least TWELVE exercises each class. RECORD , RECORD, RECORD. Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class

2. Attendance and Class Procedure

Lockers are available downstairs free of charge. You must supply your own lock. Showers are also available.

You are required to wear comfortable workout clothing and sneakers. The following is not permitted: jeans, dress pants, open shoes, boots, cutoff shirts, no exposed sport bras.

You are expected to be ready to work out by 9:10 am for the 9:00 am class and 11:20 am for the 11:10 am class. Anytime after these respective times you may be considered late and receive half credit for the class. If you are more than thirty minutes late you receive no credit for the class.

You may pile your bags etc. in the corner of the wt. room. Class will be dismissed at 10:25 and 12:35 respectively.

Most classes will contain a short lecture. Read the chalk board when you enter the wt. room for the days plan. We are in class each day for 75 minutes that is more than enough time for an excellent workout. Plan accordingly, do not start off like a rocket and end the class like a snail.

Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class

4. Cell/ Smart Phones

Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class. You may use a smart phone or iPod to listen to music while you work out however, it must be kept at a reasonable volume. Texting is unacceptable during class. If you text during class, you will be asked to place your phone in your bag or locker until the end of class and not receive ANY points for that day.

5. Services for Students with Disabilities

Any student who feels that he/she may need an accommodation based upon the impact of a disability should contact me privately to discuss his/her specific needs. Please contact the office of Services for Students with Disabilities in Science Building, room 132, phone 718-631-6257 to coordinate reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities.


It is imperative that you read the information contained on blackboard and check your tiger mail at least once a week.

Texting or taking on the phone is unacceptable during class

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