PE-415 Course Syllabus


Building: Robert F. Kennedy Gymnasium Class Room: Gym 301

Course Description:

An introduction to Volleyball. Students will be introduced to terminology, rules and the etiquette of team play. Reading material will be supplied and all students will be responsible for its content. Proper attire is mandatory. Athletic Clothing (Shorts and/or Sweats) and Sneakers must be worn.

Education Objectives:

Education Objectives
General educational objectives addressed by this course: Course activities that help to meet general education objectives

1. Students will communicate effectively through writing, listening, and speaking

Students will learn basic volleyball skills and knowledge through, lecture, text, media, and skill demonstration and practice

2. Students will work collaboratively in diverse groups directed at accomplishing learning objectives

Students will work with partners, groups and teams in practicing skills and participating in structured activities

3. Students will integrate knowledge and skills across disciplines

Students will describe the impact of their physical activity participation on personal health and wellness

Specific Course Objectives:

1. Students will describe and demonstrate volleyball rules, skills and strategies: Written quizzes, skill tests, practical application

2. Students will demonstrate individual volleyball skills: Skill tests, practice, practical application in games

3. Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of various competitive tournaments: Written quizzes, organization, practical application

5. Students will successfully participate in all classes: Attendance, group and partner work, skill tests, instructor observation

Attendance: (Department Policy)

You are permitted to miss 4 & 1/2 hours of class (3 classes). Lateness is equivalent to 1/2 absence, regardless of whether you are 5 minutes or 1/2 hour late.

Students incurring more than 4 & 1/2 hours of absence will be asked to withdraw from the course or receive the grade of "WU".

Students who wish to request accommodations for disabilities should notify the instructor within the first two weeks of the term & present the appropriate documentation from the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. Office of Services for Students with Disabilities is located in the Science Building, Room 132 (Telephone 718-631-6257).

Grading Procedure:

Grades will be determined as follows:

1. Participation & Techniques 20 %
2. Mid Term Examination (Date to be Announced) 20 %
3. Summary Assignment 30 %
4. Final Examination 30 %

* Please note: Minor changes may be announced during the semester.

Summary Assignment:

Each student is required to write a brief (but complete) description on any one (1) of the following topics.

  • History of Volleyball
  • Olympic Volleyball
  • The Beach Game
  • Modified Games for Children
  • Conditioning for the Advanced Volleyball Player
  • Biography of a Star Volleyball Player (Past/Present)
  • Exciting Volleyball Matches of the Past

All summaries must:

  1. Be Typed.
  2. Include a Photocopy or Copy of the Article or Text.

Policy on Academic Integrity:

Students in all courses will be held accountable to the rigorous standards of academic integrity as described in the Queensborough Community College Academic Integrity Plan. For review, students can find the Academic Integrity Plan in the QCC College Catalog (& online) as well as in the QCC Student Handbook.

Examples of integrity violations include:

  • Copying from another student's examination paper or allowing another student to copy from your examination paper.
  • Any form of communication between students during an exam.
  • Using any device for cheating purposes (cell phones, calculators, etc…)
  • Attempting to obtain or distribute the content of an examination before the examination is administered by the professor.
  • Participating in any academic exercise (such as a test) using the alias of another student or permitting someone else to do this for you.
  • Using someone else's words, ideas or data without acknowledging the source.

Consequences for Violations:

Violations of any of the college-wide rules outlined in the Academic Integrity Plan will lead to the professor placing an Incident Report in a file in the Department of Health, Physical Education & Dance as well as having a copy sent to the Dean's Office. Any of the following actions may also be taken:

  • Assignment of a failing grade (F) for the work in question.
  • Dismissal from the course and assignment of a grade of an F.
  • Expulsion from QCC & CUNY.

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