Associate in Science Degree, Dance

Students interested in majoring in Dance or taking an interdisciplinary program including Dance may enroll in the Associate in Science curriculum in Fine and Performing Arts. A minimum of 60 credits is required for the degree. The following course of study is intended for students planning to major in Dance under the Associate in Fine and Performing Arts curriculum. The sequence and the selection of courses may be changed according to the student's goals and interests and in consultation with the academic adviser. Technique class choices will depend upon the student's level of development. Pre-Dance majors should consult with the Dance Coordinator as soon as possible after admission to the College.

Semester 1
English Composition I (EN-101): 3 credits
Foreign Language: 3-4 credits
Speech Communication (SP-211): 3 credits
Introduction to Art of Dance (DAN-111): 3 credits
Health Education (HE-101 or 102): 1-2 credits
Dance Technique - 2 courses (DAN-100): 2 credits

Semester 2
English Composition II (EN-102): 3 credits
Foreign Language and/or Liberal Arts and Sciences: 3-4 credits
General Biology I (BI-201): 4 credits
Art, Music, or Speech Communication and Theater Arts: 3 credits
Dance Technique - 2 courses (DAN-100) or
Intermediate Modern Dance I (DAN-220): 2 credits

Semester 3
History (HI-110, 111, or 112): 3 credits
Mathematics: 3-4 credits
General Biology II (BI-202): 4 credits
Intermediate Modern Dance II (DAN-221): 2 credits
Dance Workshop I (DAN-260): 3 credits

Semester 4
Social Sciences: 3 credits
Intermediate Ballet (DAN-230): 2 credits
Dance Workshop II (DAN-261): 3 credits
Dance electives: 2-5 credits
Free electives: 1-2 credits

Please Note: A minimum of 60 credits is required for the A.S. degree.

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