Special Needs

 If you have a properly-documented condition that requires you to use the elevator for classes that are on the upper floors of the science and humanities buildings, an elevator key can be provided. Students must submit a doctor's letter and a $25 refundable key deposit fee.

You must apply for an excused medical absence due to illness or injury. You must provide a medical report from a private physician along with the names of your course(s) and Instructor(s) or Bursar Bill. You must notify our office promptly after five (5) consecutive days of illness or injury.

If you have a communicable disease, the office of Health Services must clear you before you can return to class.

Medical withdrawal is arranged through the office of health services. Notify us as quickly as possible. You may come to our office or call for the procedure. You must provide a medical report along with the names of your course(s), section(s), and instructor(s).

health services facility